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Month: November, 2022

The Light house at Kindred Rocks – A Playthrough

I wrote a solo rpg called THE LIGHTHOUSE AT KINDRED ROCKS – you can get it here for free/pwyw

So imagine how stoked I was to see someone played the game and wrote up their 4,000 words of what happens in their story.

Read Kaden Ramstack’s playthrough of my game here!

Genuinely so excited to see someone use it in such detail, and the stuff they came up with was superb story fodder. It’s a part of their Solovember quest to play one solo rpg each day for November. Browse their site, there’s a lot of other really good stuff in there, too.


Noirvember #15-21

This ol’ train keeps rolling round the bend. Some of these are really fun to put together and then work on tightly constructing. It makes me think deeply about the POV, the narrative style/voice/tone, and the place I want to start – description of a location, dialogue, etc. All choices have a different effect, and that’s the fun of story building/construction.

As always, hope you continue to dig :]

For anyone wondering – yes, the last one is a Deer Editor entry. The Truth is the newspaper Bucky works for, and this is his story.

I miss Deer Editor. So glad he could live on for one day of Noirvember.

Noirvember #8-14

It’s week two of Noirvember, and this little writing prompt game has yielded more fun and twisted intrigue. Here’s what came out of my head for the seven prompts of madness:

May they bring you more crime-riddled thoughts in this coming week.

Noirvember #1-7 – Writing Prompts

This month I’ve been celebrating my own little Noirvember – I’ve set up 30 prompts, and for each one I’m writing a title and an intro to a story that could be.

It’s a fun writing activity that’s helping me get my pulp on, or consider interesting characters, just for a few paragraphs.

Here are the first 7 days of it, enjoy in moderation.

I don’t know which one is my favourite, but I like that I got to do a whole bunch of different things in this week. If you’ve got a favourite, I’d love to know which one it is.

Noirvember Has Begun

All month long to celebrate Noirvember, I will be writing a short story title and opening moment to match these prompts I made up.

The aim of the game is to be as pulpy, troubled, and crime-riddled as possible.

Happy Noirvember to you and yours wherever and however you celebrate.

Here’s the first one to whet your whistle on the 1st of Noirvember – Wake Up.

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