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FIRE POWER Vol. 1 Is A Whole Mess of F U N

I’m always keen to pick up a new Robert Kirkman comic, I think after THE WALKING DEAD he’s bought a lifetime supply of my attention.

This book looked like ‘Iron Fist Lite’ in its concept, and I’m sure it sparked initially years ago as such, but it’s really far beyond that now in execution. In fact, I love how this book is a hell of a lot of fun in how it handles this set up and then takes it elsewhere in many ways.

Samnee and Wilson are on another level with the beauty of each page, this is something you could sit with a whole second time and just soak in so many of the pages. From the establishing pages of scenery and tone, to the absolute bonkers action moments, this is a book looking to claim your eyeballs for life.

This volume is a mammoth origin story that chews through story because it’s still got more to go. You could see the volume being everything someone planned to tell, and dragging elements of it out to fill maybe 2-3 volumes and call it done, but here they clip through whole sections of it in a way to invest the reader and move them into the real guts of the issue. I went into this only knowing the one note, and was pleasantly surprised when it shows there is plenty more it wants to get around to showing us.

Really glad I picked this up, it’s a beauty, a delight to read, and something I think would be really friendly to readers new to comics and old looking for something fun to lose a weekend morning with.

Comics Curriculum Choice Board 2020 May

The idea is: click the link, see the live version of it, and all the hyperlinks will be real.
Each section of the board takes you to something I think can be a vital piece of the study arena for making comics and loving comics.
This was fun to put together – I tried to get an assortment of things: podcasts, videos, magazines, books. I wanted creators and people with different experiences and angles of expertise. I also wanted a little corner to shill my own business, because something has t pay the bills around here.
It’s nothing overly special, but if it exposes you to something cool, then I’ll be happy I did it.
I have no idea when/if I’ll make another one, but it was fun to tinker with, it let me think about curriculum materials I dig, and now I’ll try to keep my eyes peeled for more. I certainly only want to put in the things that really pushed my brain forward on thinking about the world’s finest medium.
If you want to make your own, click here for the Google Drawing and you can save it as your own into your Google Drive!
I originally posted this to my Patreon – if you want to support me making more strange little comic study devices, please click here and support me with a follow, or anything else you can afford.

Sometimes, You’ve Just Gotta Make Comics

A new comic is out, through Patreon, from Jacob Phillips and Chris Condon, titled BRUTAL DARK, and it’s pretty awesome!

You should definitely check out BRUTAL DARK and pledge $1 a month for a copy of each new mini-issue as they’re released.


What I appreciate most about this comic is how much it feels like the kind of thing where you just have to make it.

The creators already both have a book together coming out from Image Comics soon [once the world gets back online after it’s 2020 reboot]. They’ve gotten a very sweet level up, assisted by the fact Jacob Phillips is the son of Sean Phillips, but honestly slam dunked by the fact Jacob Phillips is a phenomenal artist. He might’ve got more eyes, but he’s earned their attention through talent and hard work.

With a grand horizon before them, albeit delayed, they still just have to make comics. So they’re putting this thing out through Patreon, for $1 a month, and they are short 8 page issues with a gorgeous cover and some back matter. I’m in – the issue is great, reall gorgeous art, really moody colours, and the framing/pacing is so beautifully done throughout. The pages flow very nicely.

Beyond the enjoyment of the comic, I love that idea that you’ve just gotta create, and then you scale it appropriately. There’s a great New York Times cartoon showing someone in a boat, maybe just one oar, they’ve survived a huge boat sinking, there might be a storm a-brewing, and the caption says “Now’s the time to finish that novel you always wanted to write.”

And I agree with the sentiment. These are wild times, there’s no expectation that we step up, improve our lives, when really we’re just trying to survive and continue our lives in whatever form they might crawl forward in.

But, I know some people just gotta do something to get through all this time. They want a distraction, they want to feel their hands move, they gotta swim or they’ll drown. And I think that’s where this stuff comes in. Keep yourself busy with some little stuff, something you can peck away at, something that makes you happy.

I don’t personally think drawing 8 pages a month is something little, but I can’t draw any pages at all, so that makes sense. But I’ve been setting small challenges. 1-2 pages of script a night. Chipping away at short form 300 word flash fic pieces for the Patreon. Getting 10 minutes for the guitar so I can master that Spider-Man cartoon theme song. If I cfould draw, man, I’d absolutely be working on little things – a book of themed sketches [like that Spider-Ham zine I picked up one time] or just weird one page comics].

Being realistic, I didn’t think Covid-19 isolation was going to suddenly yield a third draft on my novel. I’m not going to build a chicken shed. In fact, the first week of isolation, my mind was roadkill. It was really hard to concentrate, probably a mix of, well, everything, and my need to adapt to teaching online and all of the stress and anxiety that came with that.

I got little done in that first week. I tried not to beat myself up about it. Then things slowly got back on track, but slowly. Consistently writing 1 page of script a day is better than asking for 7 pages, only getting 3, but hating that i didn’t get 7 so the next night I get 0, and the spiral pulls me down.

Phillips and Condon are making this comic, it fills their void. I’m doing my best, too.

I have no doubt you’re doing whatever it is you need, and I’d love to know what that is. What are you creating during this time that brings you joy, maybe some piece, and leaves you with something productive you’ve done?

Fair Lady: Spectacular

An older post from elsewhere: FAIR LADY from Brian Schirmer, Claudia Balboni, Marissa Louise, & David Bowman is an utter delight. It’s a fantasy PI comic that bills itself as “Magnum P.I. in a post “War of the Ring” world” and that’s good – I was thinking it’s where SAGA and STUMPTOWN would meet. Either way, it’s a very good thing. This comic just launched from Image Comics, with 2 issues on stands, and the third around the corner, and I absolutely love it, and want everyone I know to buy it and enjoy the Dickens out of it.
I mean, if the cover wasn’t gorgeous enough with the spot coloud bg, it’s got this stamps which means it’s 100% my jam. Stand alone issues are the world’s finest.
The book also is structurally something beautiful, and something I’ve been studying this past weekend. Look at this splash of the location of the story, that’s just a brilliant idea, gorgeously executed.
And look at this smart use of a double page spread to give details, make the audience linger, and also save the artist some work.
I’m digging the single illo with a wall of text pages more and more, and this one is good stuff. Always a tool in the warchest we should remember.
See again: simplicity of format, saving artist time, and immersing us in a moment. The only thing this moment costs is an extra page, but if you have the ability, I think something like this is a wonderful addition to the pacing of your story.
This DPS was also a good bit of world exploring.
Okay, so if not convinced, here’s #2.
This opening page is absolutely phenomenal in regards to luring us in, selling us tone, and ending on a great hook for a page turn.
And then there are these “splash” moments where the artist can chill, the colourist maybe can’t, but it gives the idea of scope very very simply. Love these pages, I hope these become a hallmark of the book moving forward for scene transitions.
If you haven’t dipped a toe, or had been wondering, then take it from me right now – FAIR LADY is good comics, and it deserves your time, your support, and just as much you deserve this good time.

LONG RAIN – A Study of Mood In Art

You need to buy LONG RAIN by Artyom Topilin – BUY IT NOW

This one-shot comic is an adaptation of a Ray Bradbury story, and the art in it is delicious. You get a sense of location instantly, which is perfect because it’s set on a planet that hasn’t stopped raining ever, and the astronauts [?] wandering about looking for salvation are starting to show mental fatigue. It doesn’t help that there are weird flower things in the ground that seem, well, they seem about as deadly and certain as time itself.

Just looking at the cover above, you can see the style and tone being laid out. My main complaint is that this is digital, and I want to own this as a beautiful hardcover in my hands.

The opening panel sets up everything by showing us that nothing is what we would think of as normal, the colours are close, but just off. The red shows us danger, but it’s obscured, it’s maybe not clear and present danger, it’s just the natural danger that lurks for us all. We can either chase it, or we can hide from it. But it’ll always be there.

This is a comic that needs you to think deeply, and reflect even deeper, and come to your own conclusions.

If anyone buys it, I’d love to hear your take on anything within its pages. It’s certainly a personal fave for me already, and it’s nice to pay a little money directly into a creator’s pocket.

SHE – Simone Guglielmini Pin Up

Simone Guglielmini: Noir Master

I’ve loved Simone’s work for longer than I can remember. He makes some of the most beautiful and haunting crime comics. I reached out to Simone because he’s a mate, but I wasn’t sure if he’d have the time to contribute, or the desire considering the sci fi bent of this story. Thankfully, he saw the crime angle of this bounty hunter tale and steered heavily into that skid.

You know Simone’s working on something when it’s beautiful and deadly at the same time. His figures and composition are always A+, and I love his design flair here of the falling body down the page. This is as much a poster and a cover as it is a pin up. It’s beyond gorgeous.

This original piece of art will be available for purchase through the Kickstarter for She this week before the campaign ends!

If you or a friend need this art, or just to see it within the oversized hardcover comic it’s assisting, make sure you don’t miss this link below, we are in our final days:


SHE – Sami Kivela Pin Up

Sami Kivela: Art Beast

I mean, he’s just so damn good at *everything*

Sami’s pin up will appear in the SHE HC, on Kickstarter right now!

Sami has been someone I’ve been making comics with for over half a decade. We’ve put out many stories together over the years, and Sami also has a habit of doing me the honour of seeing other characters come to life through his lens.

He’s been insanely busy of late – illustrating ABBOTT at Boom, and MACHINE GUN WIZARDS at Dark Horse and UNDONE BY BLOOD at AfterShock – but he’s such a capital B Bloke, he still found time for this, and I’m so insanely glad he did.

The colours are the first thing that pop out on this pin up, that space sizzle is gorgeous. Then I look to She, and Sami has given her mystery and introspection and a sense of power against the unknown endless before her. Shoulders up, leaning forward, not caring – yep, that’s our bounty hunter.

Sami will always be one of my favourite modern artists of all time, and this piece is just another reminder of the power of comics collaboration, and friendship, and why so many of us make comics.

If you or a friend want to see this pin up in its final state within a gorgeous oversized hardcover comic, clickn the link below and back us on Kickstarter before the week is over:

SHE: AT THE TOWER OF ALL THAT IS KNOWN on Kickstarter, Final Days!

SHE – Alfie Gallagher Pin Up

Alfie Gallagher: so damn fine.

Alfie’s pin up goes up for sale on the SHE Kickstarter campaign soon – be ready!

I love Alfie’s work. Ever since we made EIR together, I’ve wanted to work with him again. And again. His art always comes out so expressive, so fluid, like there’s a real world busy living behind every page he inks. This pin up makes me smile because he’s found the character of She so well in there, and he’s given her motion and location and life.

The way he brings design into things – that sun behind her head – always makes me smile.

This week, the inks for this piece will be available on the Kickstarter page. If you’re a backer, you’ll get an email when the Update goes live, and you can get this piece of art for your home and make me and Alfie happy comic making people.

If you haven’t checked it out yet, or you know a friend who needs more gorgeous oversized hardcover sci fi bounty hunting comics in their life, hit the link:

SHE: AT THE TOWER OF ALL THAT IS KNOWN, on Kickstarter for One Last Week

SHE – Louie Joyce Pin Up

Asked Louie Joyce for a pin up and instead he delivers this face-melting masterpiece.

Just one reason Louie Joyce is an absolute boss, a great mate, and a titan of Australian art. Go scope his entire brain of art on his site!

SHE is a comic series from Chris Panda and myself that’s a sci fi espionage smash-and-grab about an intergalactic bounty hunter. It’s being published by ComixTribe and is running a Kickstarter to get the printing presses fired up – check it out here!

Alongside offering this die-cut hardcover graphic novella, we’re putting some extra special stuff in and this Louie Joyce pin up is a crucial part of that. You can get it as a metallic print in the Bounty Bundle pledge tier, but cruise along and see what’s right for you!


I want to take a moment to bask in the glow of Louie’s spectacular work here. The action and motion at play is so awesome, and is so well conveyed through the diagonal composition. The fact She is cutting left across the page, going against the grain, rushing into the action, is completely on point for who she is.

And those colours. The foreground/background balance is wizard level. I always love seeing Louie Joyce artwork, but there’s an extra kick when it’s in league with a project I’m creating.

SHE Live on Kickstarter! Get your sci fi hardcover now! 🚀

SHE: At The Tower Of All That Is Known

My latest comic is a collaboration with Chris Panda, and is it now live on Kickstarter – CLICK HERE TO GO SCOPE IT OUT!

This sci fi espionage comic is about She, an intergalactic bounty hunter who’s sent on a wild mission that becomes very personal, very quickly. If you’re here, and you’ve dug my stuff before, then this book is for you. If you hated my previous stuff, this is nothing like it, this is totally fresh, so it’s definitely for you! :]

This comic is completely done, which is why we’ve spent time getting it ready to print, and as such Tyler James at ComixTribe has organised something special: this will be an oversized hardcover, with a die cut cover. This means it’s bigger than your average comic, and the cover has a hole in it where overlays and art will sit, and the effect is so damn gorgeous.

There are a variety of pledge tiers, but I think if you’re getting in on day one you’ll want to scope out some of the Collector Tiers – where you can get your hands on extra swag, prints, and such, although our one-of-a-kind premiur tier already sold, sorry.

But there’s also a Lego Minifig of She. I’ll post details later, no time to sleep on this now.

This is not a drill. Go back SHE on Kickstarter now and let indie comics know they’re still alive in 2020

I’m really excited about this comic succeeding, so I hope you’ll join us for the ride. If you’re so inspired, please share the link with people you think would dig it, or on any social media places where you push out the good word!

Click here to go see She, and let’s make some great creator owned comics!


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