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That Thrill; Buying Indie Comics at the Con

I love going to conventions. I sell comics, sure, we all participate in capitalism, but I also buy comics, which is me participating in creative salves for mental health benefits.


The other weekend I went to the Oz Comic Con Pop Up weekend in Sydney. It was a success, both because it was very Covid responsible, but also because I came home with a stack of comics.

This picture above is my con haul, and just looking at it again here gets me all excited. I finally managed to get my hands on a full run of GREENER PASTURES, one of the foundation blocks of modern creator owned Aussie comics, and I’m a third of the way through and it’s exceptionally good. Some of the little beats Tim McEwen puts into his art is genuinely exciting!

HONOUR BOUND is Oli Ward’s first comic, and it’s a great bloody entry. He’s doing some really awesome things with his panel work and I cannot wait to see what’s up next for him.

THE STRAITS is a great 80s horror love letter, mixed in with EC and Lovecraft, and I’ve cracked through about half of it and it’s a banger of a read. The two fine gentlemen involved in its creatyion are obviously keen to take this gig seriously, and I’m also keen to see what comes from them next.

I got to land hands on STEADY DIET, and MEET ME IN THE PIT #4, and both Aussie anthology comics are superb material that need to be sitting on all coffee tables.

And the final comic was my favourite find of the con – THE SAGA OF THE SHIELDBREAKER. This Viking prelude issue is absolutely gorgeous, it’s got some nice swerves, and I’m dying to read more of this world from Mickey Scott. I also wrote a Viking comic, so every time I sold a copy of ETERNAL, I sent them over to see Mickey, and I was glad to see people walking around with his eye-catching cover.

I’m back from the con, back to the grind, and ready to write more comics so I have an excuse to go to the next con where I hope to buy more awesome new Aussie comics to feed my soul.


The Comic Writer’s Cookbook – a free download

I presented The Comic Writer’s Cookbook at the Goulburn Comic Con at the end of 2015. It’s a slideshow of process thoughts/links/tips for you to totally stew on and imbibe. It’s by no means exhaustive but if you are wondering where you should start to learn the name of the game, well, I’ve put together something I think you’ll love – I know I’d love to have gotten my sweaty mitts on this many moons ago. So, here it is, for free download;

Screenshot 2015-08-20 21.07.25

Take the pdf, read it, do some of the things in it, use some of those things on your work, and hopefully see something come of it. If you look at 10 tips and only use one, well, that’s a value add of 1 which is better than 0. Enjoy.

Why Do You Con, Bro?

Being on the con circuit is a difficult thing to quantify/qualify in our creative worlds.
Why do we con?
Is it the networking afforded with peers? Hoping to lead to more/better/rad gigs?
Is it the ego stroking we get from people buying our stuff?
Is it the money made from said ego stroking sales?
Is it just the chance to hang out with likeminded peeps from across the country who we never/rarely get to see in person and buy a cider?
In the end, all of these reasons are fine, but are they worth it? To con is to book a table, insurance, transport, a place to crash that isn’t a dumpster. Conning takes money, and preparation, and time away from loved ones. It requires you to endure the hours where you don’t sell anything, the exclusion when you aren’t asked to drinks, the anxiety of wondering if it’s all worth it.
But a con also can lead to landing gigs, finding collaborators, consolidating friendships, connecting with readers, turning a profit.
In the end, you have to work out why you con and if it’s working for you. If that con money could be better spent getting an artist on a short story, or printing up more books to send to shops, or feeding your kids, then maybe do that.
Personally, I con for the sales, the readers, and the mates. And I take that hit because it’s an investment in myself as a writer. I’m not turning crazy money now – though I usually make some profit – but it’s not yet about the money, it’s about the fun, I guess, and it’s certainly about the culture. Meeting readers of my work is an insane thing to do, and having people come back to buy more is seriously the best. But I make that choice now as a calculation against how far it’ll get me and where I want to be in the coming years.
In the end, it’s a big thing to consider – make a list, weigh those pros and…wait for it…cons. Ask this important question:

Have recent cons been working for you as you want them to?

Do you need to reshuffle your expectations? Or take a break and concentrate on the work? Work out what’s not working – then fix that break.
Plan. Then move forward with purpose. Your purpose, in your time.


Supanova Sydney Post Game Run Down 2014

Supanova Sydney has been and gone and yet another show was fantastic and fun. I thought you might like some insight so here goes.

Despite the Aus comics furore blowing up mere days before it, the show was marked for me with sheer positivity. Everyone I spoke with was upbeat and rad, both punters and creators alike.

The weekend opened with a Friday afternoon/evening showing and it was…alright. Lotta people lining up for autograph tokens and not buying books. It didn’t really have an air of people browsing, more just them lining up so that was a dud. Sales were low, sure, but it meant I got to do some shopping that night both unfettered and before other people got their greasy mitts through it all. I’ll discuss more about my haul later.

Saturday was a bruiser. Strong sales, lotta game talk, it was pretty damn rad. I was thankful to have my mate Nic J Shaw helping me at my table as sometimes he needed to step in to handle money or chat up a customer or just keep me sane. Saturday is always the titan day of the con and this show held no different. I like the hustle and bustle, having someone to chat to all the time is fun. This is a big part of why I con, to meet readers and share the good word. I could do it every day forever.

Sunday was slower than Saturday, which is something I always find. It was still a steady day but nothing on the mayhem of Saturday. It was a day I could wander a little and not feel guilty.

Overall, combined sales, it was my strongest weekend yet. And I think that’s purely due to having a wider scope of product on my table. Headspace sold huge, Fatherhood did good trade as usual, and Holt pretty well damn much sells itself. Throw in the quirky and all ages lure of Captain Human the Robot and I was selling more across the board than last year with just Fatherhood and a few friends on the side. I left this show with stock of all books but I never want to post a sell out. It sounds fun to be able to say you did so well you sold out but all that says is you don’t know how to manage what to bring and you also missed out on readers and money. I take plenty every time.

So that’s the sales, how were the punters?

Crowds were really friendly. Those who bought usually were down with some game talk and process peeks. I showed a few people sneakies of my next two works. It was fun. The crowds seemed thin but only because my alley of the show was much wider so there was more room for them to spread out. Overall, buyers were constant and always seemed really connected as they bought.

I had a few people come up and tell me how much they were loving Headspace on ComiXology so that was cool. I had a few others come back on Sunday after Saturday purchases and tell me how much they loved the books. There’s a certain thrill I get of knowing someone spent their Saturday night of the con reading my books. Those people are the best. I even had one tell me Holt was the best Aus book of the con. I disagree with him but it’s superbly rad to hear it. It’s this sort of direct feedback from the cons that keeps me afloat.

Hanging with other creators was fun. I’m finally starting to feel like a part of the Aus comics scene. I’m listed as a guest (mostly off the back of the MLP issue, though that’s now in the past) and now I’m there but without the success of those around me nor the amount of time out into the game as those waiting their turn to be a guest. Well, not as much time playing the game on the Aus scene circuit. I wrote my scripts at home, kept them to myself, then hit twitter well before I hit cons, so on the streets, I’m a fresh fish.  It feels like I kinda sit in this nebulous zone between worlds but this year I put all that garbage out of my head and just had fun and fun was had. The fact that all Aus creators are super rad was strictly reinforced this year.

It’s nice to hang with a tight few over the weekend, like a family reunion. Nic was at my table, and boy did he stick around, stand up guy that he is. Ben Rosenthal made it across from  Adelaide and we’ve known each other forever now but only get to catch up at cons so that was fun. Jasmine, the lady who puts up with him, is such positive company and his mate, and my mate, Osty is a true back issue bin diver. It’s always good to see each other, properly catch up, and just get to relax face to face. And I should also say, I’ve read some of Ben’s upcoming scripts and damn is he showing his best side to come. Some really levelled up business.

I got to see Dan Fell who is a guy I know on twitter who talks a good game so we catch up at the Sydney con. It’s an experience like nothing else to expand these circles where you wouldn’t get to catch up or know each other were it not for comics and the cons. Having beers with Felly was a highlight for me.

Louie Joyce was at the con and his art just keeps improving. He’s my favourite current Aussie artist and I’ve seen what he has coming up and you’re going to be keeping an eye on him and remembering him very soon. I scored two sketches from him on the weekend, a Daredevil and Elektra, and they are going into a trio piece with an old Iron Fist of his as soon as I can frame them. It should also be said that Louie’s fine lady friend is just about one of the funniest lady’s as far as existing in my comedy wheelhouse goes. They’re a fantastic pair.

Paul Caggegi is a man I’m coming to respect and admire the more I talk shop with him and get to know him. Dudes like him are what the scene needs, passionate, informed, fun, rad.

I also got a chance to rub shoulders with Dan and Andrew Tribe, Hayden Fryer, Patrick Purcell, Paul Abstruse who always makes me smile. Martin Abel and Jamie were fantastic table neighbours. It’s so nice to have such support and friendship at these periodical weekend skirmishes. And I’m certain I’ll miss someone – sorry in advance.

I have to stress that Tom Taylor is far nicer than he needs to be. He’s always been very quick to support me, my work, and help out wherever he can. He gave me a quick introduction this weekend that meant the world to me and really lifted my spirits.

I did a panel with Martin and Abstruse on the Sunday arvo at 4:50pm, which is a crazy dead slot to field. It was wicked fun with smack talk aplenty and the very few who attended it loved it. I just wish it was earlier in the weekend because I always find – ALWAYS – that panels generate a lot of post-sales for me. Panel goers will often come find my table after seeing how open I am to talking process. I got a few quick sales but it was a shame it was too late in the game. Maybe next time.

The big draw for the weekend for me wasn’t Stan Lee but rather Chris Ryall and Ted Adams. I love that cons down here are drawing Editors and such because that’s really helping the creators out. I know I made the trip to Melbourne two years ago purely because Scott Allie from Dark Horse was there. It’s an opportunity we cannot get otherwise. So I managed to score a little time with Ryall at his booth and he was fantastic to chat with. Things were said that pleased me greatly. It made my weekend feel productive.

My con haul was tight. Bought some notebooks made from old comic annuals with the spines torn off and binding put on with heaps of extra paper as well. They’re super cool things and I did buy more than one. I bought some local books – looking forward to delving into LEFT HAND PATH and WHISKEY – and I did some back issue bin diving. Got some sweet Elektra and Typhoid back issues of their standalone books, and sampled some weird DC Silver Agey type stuff. Could maybe be interesting. It was just nice to shuffle through those bins and soak up the goodness.

Don’t think I bought much else, trying to keep spending to a minimum, where possible.

I guess that covers the con, so let’s look at the nightlife. It was fun.

First night saw me reuniting with my favourite Thai peanut noodles with some mates and beers. Then it was the Novotel bar for more beers and such. A good night that ended with me passing out while talking process and how to break story. Pretty well standard stuff for me.

Then Saturday night saw the con teams fracture. A party offsite for the guests, a swathe of creators hitting an offsite Hooters, and then me and some intimate peeps staying local, drinking at the local pub, then hotel lobby, then back in our room to make sure I felt like packing a bottle of Stones was a good idea to go with Osty’s Cards Against Humanity. A 2:30am finish would make Sunday interesting but no less awesome.

I’m enjoying the con nightlife as everyone relaxes, talks a little game, and it’s just wholesome good fun.

Gotta say, this con has me itching for OCC in Sydney in September. If it can replicate sales and good times then I’m all over it. My table is already booked.

I just read back up, man, this post will be boring for everyone expect like 5 people. Eh, these can’t all be winners, guys. Seriously.

Aaaaand that’s how the con went down. I hope your Supanova was just as rad. I hope you dug the books you picked up. I hope to see you there next time.

Sydney Supanova 2014 Klaxon!

Hey all, I’m assuming I’ll see you in Sydney for Supanova on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, right? Right?

I’m tabling at Table 05 (I think) and I’m apparently overloaded with comics you need to buy and read. Let’s go down them in order of whether you’ve got them yet or not.


Screenshot 2014-02-17 22.22.55

The first time this will appear in print as a single issue, and possibly the only time. I thought it’d be fun to do the first issue up as a con exclusive, so we’ve got the full issue, plus back matter, plus the Brian Level pin up on the back. I’m incredibly proud of this book – available through Monkeybrain Comics on ComiXology right now with #3 dropping just this week, so head on over – and I think some people are going to love holding this in their hands. The print job has come out really nice.



The famous short by Louie Joyce and I comes to you as a special ashcan comic. If you ever wondered what happened to Harold Holt that fateful day we lost him in the waves, wonder no more. We have Atlantis, we have Russian jetpacks, we have aliens, and it’s all building to a royal rumble on Cheviot Beach of all the many Harold Holts of space and time. This, you will enjoy.



This book makes me smile like it’s my job. The same art by Jin Chan Yum Wai accompanies two wildly different stories. One for the kdidies wanting some Adventure Time style randomness and another for the more discerning adult who likes them grawlix and crude ‘tudes up on the page unrestrained. Or, y’know, both to compare how the hell I managed to script two different tales from the same art.



By now, odds are you already have this. My standby one-shot that still packs all the emotional feels you know me for. By it for someone else.



A 20k word treaty on the love life of Matt Murdock. Pretty much the apotheosis of who I am as a writer. And I only have a few copies left. I do believe I’ll sell out this weekend and then I’ll probably not restock for cons, so get in now.

LEE – $15

lee cover

The fine folks at Crime Factory let me write about old man Lee Marvin street racing death in a short story in this rad collection. Another perfect personification of who I am as a writer. And the whole book is pulp tales about Lee Marvin, I’m pretty sure we all need this book in our life.


I’ll be at the table as much as humanly possible so I hope I’ll see you there, we can chat comics (I’ve been digging D4VE, SEX CRIMINALS, HAWKEYE, THE MASSIVE, STRANGE NATION, RAT QUEENS, DAREDEVIL, HIGH CRIMES, BLACK SCIENCE, DEADLY CLASS, FIVE GHOSTS, FATALE and I’m so down with someone to chat HANNIBAL with, please).

It’s going to be a great weekend, I’ll see you there. Right?

Adelaide Oz Comic Con Round Up

My first ever weekend in Adelaide was a bloody ripper.

Huge thanks to OCC for wanting me at the show, and a mammoth thanks to all who came out to the show. The con floor was constant and awesome and totally relaxed. There was a great atmosphere the whole time.

The people who decide to spend their money on my four colour ideas always humble and delight me. Sales were consistent and strong and the people who buy on Saturday and give me feedback on Sunday of what they read are the best people ever. They are life’s good guys.

It was great to table next to Ben Rosenthal, he’s a good man and close friend. He also has the hook up on an insane burger place called Burger Theory where I scored a fistful of angus patty topped with salami chips, pickles, beautiful cheese, and dijonnaise. With fries and truck sauce on one side and a delicious cider on the other, it was one of the best con meals I’ve taken down in a while.

I find Australian comic people are always the greatest people and I thank them for their support and time at all times. It’s nice to have Tristan Jones pointing at me at odd intervals on camera – though I got him back with a patented Lindsay Oil Drill Press, never forget.

The panels I did both days were spectacular fun. Talking indie comics with Paul Mason and Dean Rankine was a blast, even when we didn’t really answer any questions and ended up in the weirdest tangents possible. Then talking Aus comics with Douglas Holgate, Tristan, Jon Sommariva, and David Yardin is always humbling and exciting. The crowd was huge, the questions well thought out, and the entire chat inspiring.

I love panelling, especially on a Sunday, because I find people then track me down at my table and want to talk process. I chewed many an ear for half hour stretches on the Sunday and I love that stuff. I could talk comics/writing/process/craft/breaking in for hours. And sometimes do. To those who are willing to listen, truly, I salute you. You are one of my most favourite things about con weekends.

I do need to thank the lads from Gifts for the Geek for putting on a great AFTERMATH party and keeping everyone entertained and revitalised after the final hours of the con. They’re a good store who know how to do good things.

And finally, thanks to my amazing wife for holding down the fort with both our kids while I earned a slim profit chasing my dream. The ability to FaceTime with the family while out of town is quite simply the best.

So if you had a chat with me this weekend, thank you. If you bought any of my stuff, thank you. If you came to my table at all, thank you. It was a rad weekend and that’s because of you.

Adelaide, I will definitely see you next time.

Oz Comic-Con Adelaide 2014 Plans

For the first time in my life, I am going to be in Adelaide. I’m looking forward to it but also know I won’t see much of Adelaide because I’ll be in the con, and at the bar, and back in the con. But I’m looking forward to it anyway.

Here is an update on what I’ll have for sale on my Table of Four Colour Delights! Though if you look on the map it’s only labelled as Table A6.




The critically lauded short by Louie Joyce, Nic J Shaw, and me (which first featured in HBVB ONE) is coming to your grubby mitts as a little ashcan you are guaranteed to love, adore, and cherish until you’ve read it to tattered pieces and it crumbles out of your hands as you weep.

But seriously, this gonzo tale of sci fi Australian politics is exactly what you need. Plus, y’know, Louie Joyce art, the guy is a local god.



My one-shot comic with Daniel Schneider, Paulina Ganucheau, and Brandon DeStefano is an emotional tale of fatherhood that segues into a pulp crime tale but it’s really just about emotional breakdown. It’s also gorgeous and has some back matter by me. Enjoy.



This trade collection of the first 6 MLP Micro Series one-shots contains my Rainbow Dash issue with Tony Fleecs. It’s a sturdy beast and is sure to make a great gift for a brony or little friend (or yourself *wink*) so come pick one up. I only have so many left.


Oxymoron_Cover copy copy

This anthology of shorts about the Oxymoron – ComixTribe’s resident villain – is a boat load of fun tales of death and dismemberment, with one written by me. You’re probably a sicko, you’ll really love it. Oh, and these are the last 4 copies I own, so hook in quick.


devil is in the details cover

A book of essays all about Daredevil. Sequart published this literary tome, I edited it, I also contributed two magnificent and long essays, and a slew of other sharp minds attack the character of Matt Murdock in ways that will excite and inform you.

I will also have copies of the smaller book, BLIND DATES AND BROKEN HEARTS, which contains one of my essays from the big book – it’s all about Matt Murdock’s love life. It’s a good read.

LEE – $15

lee cover

I wrote a short story about old man Lee Marvin racing death and it appears in this anthology of tales about the crime master. It’s a hell of a pulp read for any grizzled warriors on these endless roads we find ourselves on. Oh, and these are the last 3 copies I own, so hook in quick.




I won’t have copies of the book – it’s digital only through ComiXology right now – but I have little flyers and I’m down to chat about the book and will sign an iPad if you are down on that front.


I am also always keen to meet other creators and just shoot the process breeze. You will know where to find me.



Yeah, sorry, I can’t do them. But I’m happy to write a short one page script in your book if you so desire. For reals.


I’ll pretty much be at my table all weekend. I like tabling. So drop on by, say g’day, let’s do this. Oh, and I might have a panel or something on the weekend. If I do, please feel free to drop in.

Ryan K Lindsay at PonyCon Melbourne 2014

I am very excited to be at PonyCon in Melbourne this weekend, the 1-2 Feb. The venue is the Arrow in Swanston. We will be making with the good times all day Saturday and Sunday, doors open at 9am and close at 5pm.
You’ll be able to find me at Table 31. I will be selling a few rad wares.

MLP PONY TALES Vol 1 – $30
This trade collection features the first 6 MY LITTLE PONY MICRO SERIES issues, of which I wrote #2 featuring RAINBOW DASH, which has awesome art by Tony Fleecs. The book is relatively new to shelves and I’ll be signing them for free. And if you’re reeeaaallllly nice I might sketch a cutie mark in the book. I will only have a certain amount of copies so get in before I sell out.

mlp rd mini

This miniature sized version of my Dash issue is awesome and I’m only bringing 4 of these to the con so get in first and brag all weekend long.

This one-shot comic I wrote, with art from Daniel Schneider, colours by Paulina Ganucheau, and letters by Brandon DeStefano is a personal tale from me about a father estranged from his daughter who would do anything to make her smile. It’s more mature and is certainly aimed at discerning readers and possibly the parents of little Pony fans.
And that’s what I’ll have at the show. If there’s anything else of mine you want you’ll have to ask me to bring it, the Pony booms will be weighing me down. But feel free to stop by, have a chat, and make this PonyCon be the raddest weekend ever. You might even consider catching me at my panel:

Writing Panel on the Main Stage – 11:30-12:30 Saturday

Myself, two fanfic writers, and an MC will discuss writing for the Ponyverse.

I look forward to seeing you all at the show.

Captain Human the Robot – $1 @ozcomiccon Exclusive




Written by Ryan K Lindsay — Art by Jin Chan Yum Wai

Look at these two awesome covers by Jin Chan Yum Wai (one above, one below – both totally wraparounds).

This is our next sensational breakout hit, CAPTAIN HUMAN the ROBOT, and it’s only available at Oz Comic Con in Melbourne this weekend for $1 – a steal for the most fun 8 page comic you’ll ever read.

In fact, you’ll probably read it twice because we made two versions. Blue is the all ages version (loads of fun), and red is the adults only/after hours edit (loads of other types of fun).

This whole thing started at a zine fair where Jin asked me to quickly make an 8 page comic with him in a blank booklet Ben Craddock had made. We came up with a robot wearing a space helmet, and he’s lost in the desert, and then he’s rescued by a sand whale. Then I had to bail. Jin held onto the project and finished drawing it all up at home. He then sent me the blank pages and asked me for the story. We weren’t sure whether to go kid friendly and corner that market (especially with the Pony fans flying by) or bust all out for the random Regular Show style people. So, I mused, why not do both?

I whipped up two different scripts that use the art but for variously different stories. And both worked, so Jin mocked up variant covers and now we have two grand books to sell – one for the kids, one for the parents (definitely MA15+ type stuff, okay kids?).

I’ll be selling them at my Table 150 and Jin will also be selling them at his table shared with the Space Pyrates crew at Table 137.


Melbourne @ozcomiccon and Ryan K Lindsay

This coming weekend, Friday the 5th to Sunday the 7th of July, I’ll be an official guest at the Melbourne Oz Comic Con. I’ll be in the guest alley at Table 150 for most of that time and I hope you’ll stop by to chat all good things comics and thumb through my stuff. Here’s the usual breakdown of stuff I’ll be selling over the weekend.

FATHERHOOD – a comic one-shot $4


This one-shot comic from Challenger Comics features art from Daniel Schneider, colours by Paulina Ganucheau, letters by Brandon DeStefano, and design from Christopher Kosek. It’s a 22 page standalone story of a father going a little crazy trying to please his daughter. There’s also a back up essay by me on fatherhood, and the cover is pure liquid gold.

Because I’m Australian, and thus postage to the world is hard to afford, I also have the digital version of the book available on the Challenger Comics site. It’s 99c so feel free to get into it.

I’ll also have rad print posters of the cover for $5 each and cool stickers for $1 each.



Rainbow Dash is getting schooled by some very nasty cloud gremlins. How is she going to save Equestria from the saddest event in their lives? Also, how will this book reference MILLER’S DKR, FIGHT CLUB, THE SIMPSONS, and BLADE RUNNER, amongst others?

This one-shot tale set in the MY LITTLE PONY world and focusing on Rainbow Dash features super fantastic art and colours from Tony Fleecs. It’s one of the most fun things I’ve ever written and it’s completely all ages.

I will also have a variety of the US-only variant covers that weren’t available in Australia, so if you want in on that action I don’t feel like gouging so the flat price for any issue is $5.

I’m also running dangerously low on stock so I can almost guarantee a Saturday sell out…but fear not…

MLP Prints – Rainbow Dash and Tank by the amazing Paul Abstruse $15

Rainbow Dash Inks copy

Tank Inks copy

My good friend Paul Abstruse (an Aussie art rockstar) and I didn’t want pony fans of Melbourne to be stuck with nothing so he drew up these two rad prints, which Eddy Swam coloured. I dig that Rainbow Dash one but I have to be honest and say it’s the Tank one that really warms my heart. They’re $15 each, or $25 for 2, and I’ll be signing the goodness out of them with little caption quotes for our main characters on there. Fun for all the family.

OXYMORON – a HC comic anthology $25

Oxymoron_Cover copy copy

This book is a collection of comic shorts all about the Oxymoron character from ComixTribe. There is a rogues gallery of creators associated (Paul Allor, Jason Ciaramella, Joe Mulvey, Mark Poulton, Daniel J Logan, John Lees, and a hell of a lot more). I wrote a short story in there, with art from Daniel J Logan, and it’s pretty brutal. Perhaps not for the kidlets but definitely something to sink your teeth into. And all the other stories are dynamite as well. To top it off, it’s an oversozed HC because our Kickstarter went gangbusters.

Treat yourself to this now as I’ll be the Australian exclusive seller of this fine volume. I’m only stocking about 15 of these beauties and they are a variety of the variant covers so get in early if you want the artist jam cover.

I have a feeling I’ll be selling my last copies of these this weekend.

If you aren’t at OCC you can try your luck on Amazon.


devil is in the details cover

This analytical tome of essays – of which I edited, contributed some, and contracted others into – explores the themes and narratives of Marvel’s Daredevil character. I write about Matt Murdock’s storied love life and how the Brubaker/Lark/Gaudiano run is inspired by cinematic noir from the 70s. Other luminary scholars, including Tim Callahan, Julian Darius, Matt Duarte, write about topics from Mike Murdock, to Daredevil’s relationships with Spider-Man and the Punisher, as well as the science fact involved in the creation of this blind vigilante. As a gigantic Daredevil fan, I can assure you this is the book you need to read.

Because I don’t want to mess around with change, and I’m such a good bloke, I’m selling the book at OCC for $1 off retail at a clean $15 (though that’s American retail and the book will probably cost you more at your LCS when it drops in August). You are welcome.



This Sequart Single volume takes my major essay from the above book and produces it as a standalone purchase. It’s slim, it’s sexy, and it’s only $5; and it’s all from me. I analyse and discuss Matt Murdock’s forays into the romantic battlefields with Karen Page, Elektra, the Black Widow, Typhoid Mary, and Milla Donovan. There is also a special Coda inclusion – but you’ll have to buy it to find out who that is.

Again, if you buy the main book it has this essay so you don’t need it. This is more a sampler or something for the Ryan K Lindsay Completist :)

If you won’t be at OCC, you can buy it in print and in digital format on Amazon.

LEE – a prose anthology $15

lee cover

The superb people at CRIME FACTORY have put together an anthology of short stories all about and starring Lee Marvin – I know, right? It’s the coolest idea ever. And I was honoured to be asked to contribute so you can get a tale of old man Lee Marvin in his aged years racing death. It’s a pulpy tale and completely surrounded by even better stuff.

Also, the cover is amazing.


I’ve also been slapped onto 2 fantastic panels over the weekend which anyone can attend.

Aussie Comics: general panel – Saturday Noon on Stage 3

I’ll be sharing the stage with Paul Abstruse, Queenie Chan, Doug Holgate, Ben Hutchings, Tristan Jones, Ryan K. Lindsay, Paul Mason, Dillon Naylor & Dean Rankine and just talking comics smack, I assume.

Aussies in Comics: general panel – Sunday Noon on Stage 2

I’ll be sharing the stage with Paul Abstruse, Queenie Chan, Doug Holgate, Ben Hutchings, Tristan Jones, Ryan K. Lindsay, Paul Mason, Stewart McKenny, Dillon Naylor, Dean Rankine, Nicola Scott, Jon Sommariva & David Yardin so maybe I’ll get the mic once. If I’m lucky, ha.

Scope the full panel timetable here: http://www.ozcomiccon.com/schedules.aspx

I’m pumped to back up the con winter slam so I hope to see you there.

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