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D&D on my Patreon

When I started playing D&D a year or so ago, I could instantly tell it would be a great balance against my writing. The inspiration is so strong when you play [player or DM] and I’ve found my brain firing constantly thanks to it over the past year.

When I rearranged my Patreon [you can scope it here], I decided to include a D&D Random Character History pledge option and every month I generate a character sheet on dndbeyond.com and then try to work out the character’s life, back story, and possible future. It’s like a narrative puzzle, and it’s so much fun, and then I get to write a short piece laying this character out.

The aim is for it to be fun to read, but it can also be used in anyone’s adventure as a unique NPC, and it’s also a great mental break for my brain. I’m usually writing comic scripts, and story proposals, and plot engines and it’s all large stuff, so this flash writing is just fun for me – as are the 300 Word Flash Fic posts on my Patreon.

In short, my Patreon helps me collect a little bit of money for keeping my writing bones sharp, and it gives me a smile, and hopefully it gives something to my supporters over there. This week I’ve uploaded my latest character, a Dragonborn Fighter with skills on the Glassblower tools, and she was a blast to figure out.

If you dig short-form writing, and supporting writers getting their fingers flowing in their home office, then I think you’d dig what I do on my Patreon.


Every dollar adds up and helps me out and I can’t express how thankful it makes me.


Dungeon Maps on Patreon – Early Bird Offer

Over on my Patreon, I’m adding a new tier where you can buy a one-of-a-kind Dungeon Map I’ll ink for you – for your wall, or for a D&D game – and there are only 5 spaces, and only 2 months to get in on this.


You can read more information below, straight from my Patreon.

“I’ve been diving into map creation for dungeons. It’s partly to help with D&D story creation, partly to get a handle on it for my school club, and partly for mindfulness because making these things is a joy. A fiddly little time/labour intensive joy.

I’m happy with how they are turning out, see the image attached, so I wanted to make you all an offer.

I’m going to make available five early bird specials for the next two months only. If you hit up the $20 pledge level before October, I’ll send you a dungeon map for the month. I’ll even make some of the landscape reflect some of my comics with names and such.

Come October, the pledge level will jump to $40, so this is an offer for right here, right now. It’s also a pledge I don’t expect anyone to lock in for a year. You might only play it once, but you’ll get a nice map for your wall for your pleasure.

There are only five spaces available, and only 2 weeks left in this month to make a decision. Happy dungeoning, pals. See ya round.”

Patreon Season II – Creativity Firestarter

I’m shaking my Patreon up – we’re entering Season II, and I want you to come along for the ride with me.


Season I saw me making a Comic Book Study Guide a fortnight for a whole year. It’s was amazing, if you were there, I hope you dug it.

Season II is an all access pass to my creative headspace. I’m going to spend the next year sharing the way I work, I’m going to offer up thoughts and resources and early access to new material before it hits shelves anywhere else in the world.

I’m going to pull back the curtain on my writing life, but I’m also aiming to creatively rekindle the fire in my brain, make it burn higher, brighter, better.

I’m really excited for what I’ve got planned out, so if you’re a writer [or creative type], I think you’ll dig it. If you like reading my stuff, and you want more, and you want to support me making more, I think you’re going to dig it.

RKL Patreon Season II – starts in July – come find us and hang out. You never know, if I make enough money, I could take a day a fortnight off from teaching, and that would be insane.


The Patreon Half Season Rundown

I’ve been on the Patreon road half a year and I won’t lie, I’ve been loving every minute of it. I’m still enjoying putting these study guides and teaching materials together, and I love getting feedback from those using these things to keep thinking, or share the erudition around.
I want to thank those who are already supporting over there, for making this insane ride possible, and I wanted to give everyone a heads up on what they might not yet be accessing. If you haven’t really looked into it yet, or you’re there but you’re sitting under $3 a month, I still appreciate it all, but I don’t want you to miss out. Here’s a list of what we’ve dropped so far in these first six months:
  • 12 study guides
  • 10 podcast episodes
  • Plenty of process/teaching/thinking posts about comics, and how to analyse them, and sometimes how to teach them.
If any of that interests you, be sure to think about what you want as there’s another six months ahead of us in this season :]
If you know any teacher friends, or good looking smart people, who want to think about comics a little deeper feel free to throw them at this with a handy link: bit.ly/rklpatreon
Thanks to everything, and here’s to an amazing 2019 for us all!

Making Things in 2019

They say you should start things the way you want to finish them, so I guess I want to end 2019 doing a whole mess of work.

Here’s a quick visual guide for how I played the first week of 2019.


I read BEOWULF by David Rubin and Santiago Garcia and it is just utterly stunning.

I instantly knew I had to write a Comic Book Study Guide about it for my Patreon, so I launched into it with vigour, the above image showing what the front cover will look like.

I’ve enjoyed running the Patreon to create study guides to help thinking around comics, and explicit use in the classroom, and I’m putting together some plans and ideas for 2019 which should make it an exciting place to be and thing to do.

Support my Patreon now to help me make study guides, podcast episodes, and lesson resources for bringing comics in the classroom!



I’ve been brought in by Shane W Smith to contribute a story to his UNDAD series, whic is aces, and so I’ve been breaking all kinds of thoughts on this, circling around the exact thing I want to say with this idea of a suburban dad becoming a zombie and trying to reconcile that with the man he still is.

Oh, Newsletter, My Newsletter!

Every week you’ll find me writing my newsletter, in which I discuss my writing week, my process, my thoughts, fears, ideas, everything. I also dive into links for other good things for other good creative brains, some Kickstarter love, and hopefully you think about something differently, or get a smile from each weekly missive.

Subscribe to my email newsletter about this writing life right now!

A Novel, My Novel

Dipping my toes back into prose, just to feel that power once more, and I’m enjoying the change of pace this brings. I don’t know where it’ll go, but I clearly don’t know where anything goes.

This story is always going to hit the back seat for the other comics writing, but it’s nice to have in my back pocket.

The Shiny New Project

I write lots of shiny new projects, but this one has really caught fire and spread throughout my brain. I can see and hear the lead character, which I’m loving, and it’s been a genuine treat to write this past week. You never know where that feeling comes from, or for how long it will stay, so I’m off to enjoy the good vinez.

Cubby House Library Fort

I took the kids to the local library, and we stocked up on all kinds of goodness, and then we returned home to tidy the cubby house and decorate it as a reading place. I need to get to hiding up in here way more often.

Every child deserves a reading space in their lives [so do most adults].

So, that’s been my first week, roughly – I didn’t want to screencap all of the many emails I’ve dealt with, and sundry other things.

For now, enjoy your first week into 2019, may it be productive, or restful, or relaxing…or whatever it is you need.

Patreon’s First Month

I gotta admit – I’m loving running this Patreon.

The primary goal is to make Comic Book Study Guides – a purpose that already excites me, 100%, but then it’s also becoming a place where I can dump more process thoughts and other educational malarkey involving comics.

The plan, right now, is to run one season, 12 months of Study Guides, and then we can take things from there. So, with our first month closed, I wanted to reflect on what’s on offer.

2 x Comic Book Study Guides

I released a guide for ETERNAL [by me, Eric Zawadzki, Dee Cunniffe, and Dan Hill], and one for GHOSTS [by Raina Telgemeier – so one is adult shieldmaidens and ghosts, and the other is all ages friendly and a tale of growing up and accepting death…and also ghosts.

1 x Podcast Study Episode

I recorded and released a podcast episode where I unpack some aspects of the guide for ETERNAL, and generally open up some deeper thoughts about the book’s theme.

Comic Script Library Access

I give out a link to a folder full of scripts, pitches, and other insanity I’ve cooked up over the years [some my best ever work, some insane sophomore stuff].

3 x Process Notes

I’ve written about Shaun Tan’s THE ARRIVAL and it’s gorgeous pacing, I’ve given out a free lesson around Frank Quitely’s TED Talk using a Google Form, and I’ve written about how Frank Miller scripted DAREDEVIL: BORN AGAIN and how that translated to David Mazzuchelli’s art.

2 x One Page Script Commissions

Oh, yeah, I had a blast typing up two single page script commissions – about two wildly different things – and sending them off in the mail.

All of these things are work, they take time, but I like the way they sit in my head. Analysing comics is professional development for a comic writer, and it’s just fun for a guy like me. I’d rather do this than scroll Facebook again, or write an extra 500 words into my newsletter [yeah, the newsletter will probably take the odd slide because of this, I’d rather give deeper process cuts here than on the newsletter for now, sorry].

If you haven’t checked out my Patreon yet, here it is!

And if you aren’t going to back it, I’d love to know what’s holding you back, and how I can help remove that barrier. I think pledging $5 a month is no small ask, but for that you get 2 Study Guides, 1 podcast ep, and access to whatever and however many process notes and posts I end up putting up there.

Comic Book Study Hall Patreon – Coming Soon!

I’m writing Study Guides for comics worthy of being studied, because everyone should study comics.

I’m launching a Patreon where you can get 2 Comic Book Study Guides each month for the next year, and I’m hoping to be able to add a podcast to the campaign you can use in the classroom.

I love comics, and I love teaching them, and I’d love nothing more than to see some more classrooms around the world use this opportunity to push a few more quality pages in front of students and those with wide open minds.

This is 100% aimed at teachers, but I also know as a reader and someone who just likes to study, these guides would be my jam anyway. I want these to be used for brains in flight, and that isn’t always in the classroom, it can be solo as you hone your craft.

I’ve written well ahead and have got guides for works from the likes of Fraction, Telgemeier, Rosenberg, and more – not to mention my own work, because I’m unbiased like that – you can buy the Guide for ETERNAL here – and buy the Guide for STAIN THE SEAS SCARLET here – but they’ll be much cheaper in the Patreon :]

I’ve been online for a decade now thinking about comics and writing and talking about them, and now I want to give something concrete out into the world.

The Patreon should launch next week. I think you’re gonna dig it, so be sure to get in and don’t miss a guide [it might even expose you to some ace new stuff to find] and if you know others who would use this in the classroom/life, then send ’em my way. I’ll help them out.

Here’s to a quality season of giving back to comics for the next generation.

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