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Ryan K Lindsay on Vodka O’Clock Podcast

I was recently a guest on the Vodka O’Clock podcast with the fantastic Amber Love. You can get all her details, and details for the pod ep, here:

Ryan K Lindsay on the Vodka O’Clock podcast with Amber Love

vodka oclock

It was a really fun show to do and we chat all about GHOST TOWN, MLP, and THE DEVIL IS IN THE DETAILS. We also discuss me cosplaying, my definition of noir, my supportive wife, and I get my filibuster on. I have to thank Amber for having me on, she’s awesome and so much fun to chat with.

Have a listen and enjoy.

Process Podcast: Chat with Allison Baker and Chris Roberson

I recently had the esteemed honour and pleasure to chat with Allison Baker and Chris Roberson from Monkeybrain Comics on The Process podcast.

Find details and listen to the episode right here.

The chat is a bit of a sprawl, mainly because of how I lead it. We delve into Allison’s theatrical background, then the politics of hanging toilet paper, I coin the new slogan for Monkeybrain, then Chris drops some knowledge on diligence and how his work at home week is structured. I felt like I learnt a tonne of things and came away mega-inspired so hopefully you will, too.

The_Process - III - banner

You can also go through the back catalogue of Process eps and hear us regulars chat or pipe in some sweet guest interviews for your ears.


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