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headspace boxedThe HEADSPACE tpb from IDW landed last week and I’m insanely happy with the product and proud of the job the whole team at HEADSPACE HQ did to get this out.

I am also happy with the trade reviews we got, so here they are:

Holly Interlandi @ Famous Monsters of Filmland [LINK] gives us 9/10 and says – “It’s like Oscar Wilde took a trip into Dante’s Inferno and emerged with creepy scientists and puppeted madmen.

Ed Garrett @ TMStash [LINK] gives us 9/10 and says – “... the conclusion to HEADSPACE was the perfect finale to an excellent series.

Jorge Solis at Bloody Disgusting [LINK] gives us 4.5/5 skulls and says – “With a truly dynamic mix of story and art, “Headspace” delivers a compelling read that raises questions about human nature.”

Dan Tres at FA Comics [LINK] gives us 4/5 and says – “Headspace is a head trip.”

Polo Lonergan @ Nerd Underground [LINK] gives us 9/10 and says – “It’s not a book to read once and later abandon; it’s one that you should pick up, learning something new with each re-read.”

Callum Webster @ Big Glasgow Comic [LINK] gives us 4.25/5 and says – “Now, with hindsight, there are multiple reason for this title to be called Headspace, as it has certainly rearranged mine as the story progresses.

tim Finch @ Geek Chic Elite [LINK] gives us 2.5/5 and says – “Much like Inception and Lost did to viewers, Headspace asks a lot of questions and gives a lot of clues for which the reader never gets resolution.” – :[

I am humbled by such positive response. It was insane to see people dropping their FCBD swag haul pics online and having our book be among the fun they then bought. This book has been the gift that keeps on giving as readers have loved it and reached out to us, reviewers have supremely dug it and the average score is always high but the words accompanying are always erudite and on point. In short, thank you to everyone that had a crack at the book this past week and we hope you dig it upon rereads as well.


Horror Talk Interview about Negative Space

James Ferguson at Horror Talk had a chat with me about NEGATIVE SPACE [INTERVIEW LINK]

Jnegative space 1 logoames asks about my ‘Space’ trilogy, ha, and also delves into the depression inherent in this book/story. He also raises the idea of an emotional array like the Lantern Corp which made me laugh.

Have a read and get a sense of what I’m working towards on NEGATIVE SPACE.

NEGATIVE SPACE is a creator owned miniseries with Owen Gieni published by Dark Horse and the #1 issue debuts in July.

You can preorder the book through your LCS right now, or whichever other channels you score your four colour funnies through. The preorder code is: MAY150012, and all the details are at this [LINK]


To those preordering the book, thank you. Indie comics live and die on the vine based on preorders so you are making a huge difference in our lives. The publisher sets the print levels to match the preorders and change.

And to those who identify closely with the thought of depression or suicide, please HIT THIS LINK and see all the resources and places available to you. You are not alone. We are here to help you.

BEHIND THE PANELS Podcast – now with extra Ryan K Lindsay

BEHIND THE PANELS is the best Australian comics podcast. Do yourself a favour, check it out. Guaranteed to make you laugh. Go [LINK]

So why not start on the RYAN K LINDSAY episode all about Netflix’s DAREDEVIL [LINK]


On the show we discuss:

HEADSPACE – in trade from IDW this week

NEGATIVE SPACE – up for preorder now from Dark Horse – details at the –> [LINK]

DAREDEVIL! – seriously dug this show and we double down on the intense critique of and around it

and then we just shoot the breeze, and I give a killer AAAAAGGGGGEEEEE OF ULLLTTTRRONNNNNN!

I strongly encourage you to give it a listen and then subscribe, the lads there do the Lords’ work.

HEADSPACE #8 Review Round Up

HEADSPACE is all over, and sticking the landing is something so important, and notoriously difficult to do, so imagine my delight to see a few reviews, and all of them yielding perfect scores. I guess maybe the mad scientists at Headspace HQ did it.

James Ferguson at Horror Talk gave us 5/5 saying:

Headspace has one of the most satisfying endings I’ve seen in years.  Lindsay crafted an emotionally draining adventure through the mind of a killer that’s unlike anything you’ll see on the stands today.  It’s huge in scope and earnest as all Hell.”

Samantha Roehrig at Comic Bastards gave us 10/10 saying:

This is one of those comics you just want to read over and over again. The story is so complex but the goal is simple.”

Ed Garrett at TM Stash gave us 10/10 saying:

The whole HEADSPACE team deserves some accolades here for one of the best indie series we’ve seen in some time.

If you picked the book up, thank you so much. You are a deadset legend.

ECCC Announcement: NEGATIVE SPACE from Dark Horse in 2015

NEGATIVE SPACE is a 4 issue miniseries from Owen Gieni [art/colours] and myself, with Ryan Ferrier letters, and edited by Daniel Chabon. It launches at Dark Horse Comics later this year.



Guy Harris sits down to pen his suicide note and gets writer’s block.
He goes for a walk to clear his mind, and only finds a world more confusing.
Thinking along the lines of a Cronenberg/PKD mash up, this emotional story delves into corporate greed as we observe Rick, a superior agent of Kindred Corp, having Guy tailed and anxiously awaiting his final note. For what reason, well, it’s worse than what you could imagine. This warped tale packs in deplorably low lows and insanely chaotic highs.

I spoke with CBR all about the book, what it’s about, why I want to write about feelings all the time, and how much Owen Gieni is crushing on the art.

The creative team for the book is this emotional heist crew:

negspace2coverOwen Gieni is the colourist for SHUTTER, MANIFEST DESTINY, and DEBRIS at Image Comics.
Ryan K Lindsay is the writer on HEADSPACE [a Monkeybrain original collected into tpb at IDW and out on April 29th with art by Eric Zawadzki and Sebastian Piriz], DEER EDITOR [a one-shot at his own Four Colour Ray Gun imprint he kickstarted to great success and featuring Sami Kivela art], and FATHERHOOD [a one-shot at Challenger Comics with Daniel Schneider art].
Ryan Ferrier is everyone’s favourite person in comics.

Stay tuned for more news on NEGATIVE SPACE over the coming months as we prepare to launch.

HEADSPACE #6 Review, and friends

HEADSPACE #6 came out last week. I was happy with it 😀

Thankfully, so was James Ferguson at horrortalk.com who gave it 5 stars and said:

“It’s hard to believe that this comic is only $0.99 with the sheer amount of content included. This is the kind of comic that makes you feel smarter after reading it.”

I love it when someone really gets what we are doing. So exciting to connect that way.


We also got a 4 star review at Comic Bastards from Samantha Roehrig [who has perennially loved the series] and she says:

“Headspace is a very unique read that Lindsay brings all together with the clever writing style.”

Ah, nice words. I am a sucker for thee.


PLUS, I found this discussion of issues #1-5 on Destroy the Cyborg from Zander Riggs who has plenty of nice things to say. One snippet of which was:

“If you’re looking for an emotional story set in the veritable playground of the subconscious, Headspace is the comic for you.”


I also hope you dug #6 because #7 will be up for preorder very very soon. Stay tuned.

A Few Review Links

I love reviews. Good, bad, helpful, snarky, whatever. A review gives me something to work with, and that something is external feedback, an extra set of eyes. A review is always fascinating to me.

And, yes, I do read the reviews. I want people to read my work, it’ll do me well to know if I’m serving them well in my role.

So I have some reviews to link to below, and one of them I didn’t see for weeks. You’d be surprised how much I do not google myself. As such, if you review my work, drop me a tweet @ for it, or something. I wanna know your thoughts, and am happy to share them.

Without further ado – the links.

DEER EDITOR #1 gets a glowing review from Zander Riggs over at Destroy the Cyborg

He says, “But this is the kind of story I wait for.  This is the kind of story that I search desperately through the release lists for. This is the type of comic I wish would get more attention. This is Deer Editor.

Consider me stoked.

HEADSPACE #5 gets a 9/10 review from Ed Garrett over at TMStash

He says, “Issue #5 takes the story into territory that is both heartbreaking and horrifying.


To say I’m flattered by great reviews undersells it. I’m flattered when someone remembers my name. I’m floored when someone digs my stuff.

So, these have both found their way to me in 2015 and made me happy and excited for make more comics. Which I’ll go do now.

HEADSPACE Interview Round Up

HEADSPACE #2 is up for preorder/subscription so I thought it might be a nice time to throw your peepers towards the interviews I did around the time of launch for #1. A lot of good sites took the time to chat with me about the book, its superb creative team, the influences behind it, and where/how I saw it playing out. I was especially pleased with so many fine questions thrown my way and I really try to ensure each interview feels fresh with its own vibe so stock answers don’t come out too often.


Have a click through, enjoy, share, preorder, talk about, subscribe, and have a great day.

Beard Rock“You can also expect gonzo monster fighting, terrifying corpses portenting bad things, and some of the saddest fatherhood themed stuff I’ve ever written.”

Geek Chocolate“The book operates across two layers of reality and deals with concepts of murder in society, fatherhood, and the roles of authority. It’s also a wacked out gonzo romp with a dragon in the first issue, one hell of a killer alligator, and layers of the mind of a killer slowly peeling open.”

The Beat“Yeah, I dig downbeat endings. I don’t even know why, I think it’s just that inevitability of it all. You see it coming but you can’t look away and you have to know how exactly it’ll go down. It brings out the extreme best and worst of characters.”

Pipedream Comics“I think deep down repeated childhood viewings of Inner Space must have helped and then decades of Philip K Dick warped this idea until Headspace spewed forth.”

ComicosityEric brings to life the Cove, in all it’s dank and depressing and gonzo glory, while Chris illustrates the real world, with beautiful colours from Marissa Louise.”

Multiversity“We place a lot of seeds in this first issue that bear fruit in later issues. I am relying on readers to pay attention.”

Forces of Geek“To call this Inception meets They Live will either delight or offend Ryan. Find out after the jump!”

Bloody Disgusting“The story takes place in the mind of a killer, and the killer’s mind is invading this safehaven. Things are not going to be pretty. His thoughts, fears, memories, everything are just pulsating over Carpenter Cove in waves we can’t even comprehend with modern science. The Cove is not going to be a nice place and putting Shane, a man who states in the opening sequence that he doesn’t believe in killing, against this murder and mayhem is truly going to test him and his stance.”

The Weekly Crisis“I’m not going to give a straight answer, no, but I will say more than one person already has called for a Gil spin off and I’d be lying if I didn’t say I want this to happen with all of my heart.”


Hope you dug all the info and tomfoolery. Head over to Comixology and preorder the second issue, or pick up the first for only 99c. You can found some review round ups with more superlatives here, and here.



HEADSPACE #1 Review Round Up

HEADSPACE #1 landed on ComiXology and the support and reviews have set my week aflame. It’s been nice to see people really getting and digging what we are doing. Now that I know they’re in on the gronud floor I feel good they’ll love where we take the story.

I wanted to shine some love on the reviews because they took the time on us, it’s the least I could do. If you’re a review reader, enjoy, and if you are still on the fence for the book, let these fine literati peeps bring you into the fold.

“Headspace is one of those mind fuck comics. But believe me it is a damn good fuck. One you will have to call up every Wednesday in order to get your fixed. As first issues go, sometimes you just have to hit and quit, but I thinkHeadspace will be a definite relationship series.”

Samantha Roehrig at Comics Bastards gives us 5/5

“While popping back and forth between the two settings, we find Carpenter Cove to be a fantastical place ably illustrated by Zawadzki’s fine lines while Max is inhabiting a far grittier world well suited to Peterson’s heavier blacks.”

Bob Bretall at Comic Spectrum gives us 4/5

“A science fiction infused comic version of an unwritten, undreamt Rogers Waters concept album fueled by insomnia and Red Bull about a shred of “The Truman Show” that’s been soaking in a tepid Twilight Zone bath, this story truly is wide open.”

Doug Zawazsa at CBR gives 3.5 stars

“This art team’s collaborative efforts alone are more than worth the nominal 99¢ cover price, but when combined with Lindsay’s carefully trimmed script, the complete package is a deal that’s too good to resist.”

Doc Brown at Geeks of Doom gives us some very nice words

“The final panel plays the Abrams-Lindelof game of teasing us with a new mystery having just solved an older one. It’s a pretty good twist, too, one which has me interested in what happens next.”

Ed Saul gives his thoughts over at Bleeding Cool

“In that way, Headspace is a challenging book. Readers will need to give this world room to breathe and reveal itself on its terms in order to really appreciate what Lindsay is doing. However, those willing to take the challenge will be rewarded. Upon further examination of the pieces at work here, Headspace #1 is magnificent.”

Dan Pennacchia at All Comic gives us a 4/5 score

“Throughout it all, [Ryan K Lindsay’s] passion for the story is clear, and it’s quite infectious.”

John Lees lays down some nice thoughts for us over at his site

“The two unique worlds represented in Headspace #1 are handled by two different artists entirely (Christopher Peterson and Eric Zawadzki), in a brilliant move.”

Ashley Victoria Robinson at Major Spoilers gives us a 4/5 score

“The concept is brilliant and executed with such skill that’ll you’ll barely find time to take a breath. The pacing is perfect and the world building is insane. It’s as good as first issues get, and it sows the seeds of an infinitely more interesting world to come. I can’t wait to see issue 2.”

Zac Thompson at Bloody Disgusting gives us a 5/5 score

“In case you can’t tell, Headspace is more than a little trippy. A psychedelic and cerebral tale in the vein of Dark City or the more out-there episodes of The Twilight Zone, it does as good a job as those stories at laying the foundations of an interesting story with an engaging, high-concept premise.”

Evan Henry gives us many kind words over at Broken Frontier

“Yes there is still intrigue by the shed load but Headspace balances it against the narrative rather than being led by it.”

–Jon MOMB gives his thoughts over at MOMBcomics

You can also scope all the Advance Reviews at this round up.

If you still want to review the comic, just hit me up. If you still want to read it: HEADSPACE on ComiXology NOW!

Thank you all for getting it, digging it, and caring at all. Every review helps a small book like ours immensely.


HEADSPACE #1 Advance Reviews Round Up

HEADSPACE #1 launches on ComiXology in a few hours so if you are on the fence here are some advance reviews, that are non-spoilery, that should help push the tide up into your click-and-buy peninsula. You can go to ComiXology and preorder/subscribe the book now.

“Sitting somewhere between The Truman Show and Twin Peaks, Headspaceinstantly distinguishes itself by setting up how broad the titular headspace will be.  After an intriguing opening about a woman being ‘exiled’ for murder, our de facto Shane is introduced in a sequence that involves a hover bike, a dragon and a patrolling ogre in the distance.”

Richard Gray at Behind The Panels gives us a 9/10 score

“We are inside the mind of a killer, a man who has no qualms about killing the constructs in his head, and Shane is an inhabitant of that head, though not an original thought. Lindsay has created a world where anything can happen. He has asked and answered that age-old philosophical question, “what if God is crazy?””

Brad Gischia at Bag&Bored gives a really thought provoking and well written review for us

“Tomorrow, MonkeyBrain Comics launches Headspace, a sci-fi/thriller that does the fandango inside your skull…Headspace is the spray paint that’ll graffiti the names of Lindsay, Zawadzki and Peterson to the walls of your mind.”

Chip Reece at Stash My Comics gives us a 9/10 score

“We are only scratching the surfiace of a very twisted mystery as we go through issue 1 of a series that should be a very wild ride indeed!”

Ed Garrett at TMStash gives us an 8.0 score

“Headspace #1 is a good one to take a look at if you like books that are a little off-kilter and challenge your imagination.”

Jonathan Pilley at Omnicomic drops kind words on us

“I actually look forward to reading more so I can solve the mystery.”

Ani Gonzalez at Word of the Nerd gives us a 7/10 score

Preorder, or just buy, then tell your friends, talk openly about it online. Indie books survive and thrive through word of mouth so thanks for whatever you can manage for us. It is all appreciated.


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