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GHOST TOWN #1-4 Review on Bag & Bored

GHOST TOWN #1-4 gets a glowing review from Brad Gischia where he says, “Action Lab has a great book with Ghost Town. The future has not often looked so fascinatingly grim.”

Read the review here!


I particularly like that Brad notices the difference between the Greenwood/Dwonch #1 which is concept and action to the Logan/Lindsay run of #2-4 which is much more character based. I thought that was one of the most fun and interesting things about our run.

If you want to check out all 4 issues for just $4 (that’s the same price as only one Big Two issue) head over to ComiXology now and snap them all up for 99c each. If you want the issues, hit up your LCS, and if you want the trade collection of all 4 issues it drops in March and I’ll post details very soon (but you can scope the trade cover above).

Thanks for the support.

HBVB ZERO Review – Harold Holt Stands Out

The Home Brew Vampire Bullets ZERO issue has been available online for a while now. I wrote a story which Louie Joyce illustrated and Nic J. Shaw lettered titled ‘The Many Harold Holts of Space and Time.’

Over on Stefan Delatovic’s site, he reviews the ZERO issue and gives our story a massive shout out. That was nice of him to do. I’ve cribbed the best stuff below.

“…the stand out work here is The Many Harold Holts of Space and Time, written by Ryan K Lindsay and drawn by Louis Joyce.

It’s perhaps unfair to give it the nod given that its unfair advantage of being one of the only standalone strips on show, but Christ, it’s beautiful. The art is staggering and the writing makes me want to stand and applaud while punching myself in the head that I didn’t create this despite how firmly it lodges in my brain as being right, just and excellent. It’s about how Harold Holt’s disappearance broke space/time and shattered him into, well, you should really read it.”
Thanks so much, mate.
I hope the rest of you enjoy it just as much.

Q&A with Ryan K Lindsay at That Comic Blog

Contributed some As to a Q session on That Comic Blog. A fun set of questions, hopefully not deranged or boring answers. Also, the cover gallery shows I like fathers in hats standing still, so there’s something I’ve got going for me. Enjoy.

Q&A with Ryan K Lindsay at That Comic Blog

THE DEVIL IS IN THE DETAILS Interview on Geeks of Doom

THE DEVIL IS IN THE DETAILS: EXAMINING MATT MURDOCK AND DAREDEVIL is available for pre-order through your LCS right now for August delivery or if you don’t have a local store to support then you can pick it up on Amazon now. I did an interview with Geeks of Doom for it you can scope below.

Ryan K Lindsay Interview with Geeks of Doom about The Devil is in the Details: Examining Matt Murdock and Daredevil

This one was a blast to conduct and I’m pretty certain I say a few coherent things in it.


devil is in the details cover

Ryan K Lindsay on Vodka O’Clock Podcast

I was recently a guest on the Vodka O’Clock podcast with the fantastic Amber Love. You can get all her details, and details for the pod ep, here:

Ryan K Lindsay on the Vodka O’Clock podcast with Amber Love

vodka oclock

It was a really fun show to do and we chat all about GHOST TOWN, MLP, and THE DEVIL IS IN THE DETAILS. We also discuss me cosplaying, my definition of noir, my supportive wife, and I get my filibuster on. I have to thank Amber for having me on, she’s awesome and so much fun to chat with.

Have a listen and enjoy.

Rainbow Dash One-Shot Sells in Top 100 for March 2013

rainbow dash sales

I am extremely happy to have a book sell in this position — and, yes, I know it has NOTHING to do with me. I’m still cool with that.

MY LITTLE PONY MICRO SERIES: RAINBOW DASH #2 landed in #91 for the sales charts for March 2013. It sold ~25,473 copies.

I am extremely excited to have a book land in the Top 100, though this is clearly because it’s a Pony book and I very deeply understand that. It doesn’t stop, however, the fact that it’s super exciting to see these sorts of numbers.

I also fuond it interesting to see what sold comparably. I’m honoured to be two places below DAREDEVIL: END OF DAYS and I noticed I’m two places ahead of James Tynion IV’s TALON. Let the rivalry begin, post haste.

Lastly, if you picked up a copy, thank you so very very much. I appreciate it insanely.

MLP RAINBOW DASH Review on Redheaded Mule

The MY LITTLE PONY MICRO SERIES: RAINBOW DASH #2 issue I wrote lands in stores this week and the good soldier Clarence over at Redheaded Mule just posted up a review. And this one’s not the usual thing, it’s this rad little poem. It calls me verbose, which is sadly a word I wear with loquacious pride. I’m happy with this review, truly. It ‘gets’ everything I wanted to do with the issue.


Enjoy it; they did, I am, you will.


FATHERHOOD Review On Multiversity Comics

Matt Meylikhov over at Multiversity Comics wrote a really well thought out review of FATHERHOOD.

Read the review right now!


He raises some great points, and rightfully praises the art team, and he calls my writing powerful. Like it could tear a phone book in half, perhaps.



Andrew Young over at Geek Hard was kind enough to review THE DEVIL IS IN THE DETAILS over on his site:

Read the review here

devil is in the details cover

I was glad to see him enjoy the many aspects of Daredevil we uncovered and focused on. The best part is he says this is his new favourite Sequart book and that means the world to me (ppst, it’s my favourite, too).

You can buy THE DEVIL IS IN THE DETAILS on Amazon right now.


FATHERHOOD Review Round Up – NerdSpan, Comic Books and Cookies, and FAN

FATHERHOOD is a one-shot comic through Challenger Comics which I wrote. It has art from Dabiel Schneider, colours from Paulina Ganucheau, letters from Brandon DeStefano, and design from Christopher Kosek. I am extremely proud of this book. It has received some early reviews so follow the links to scope them out.

NerdSpan – Forrest Helvie looks into the emotional impact of the book as he starts a trifecta of reviews from Challenger Comics books.

Comic Books and Cookies – Ari reviews the book and then we get into an interview where I shed some intimate light onhow this book came about. I really enjoyed this interview.

FAN – Andrew Leslie (@dethfilm) reviews the book and has some kind words to say about it.

It’s really something else to have your work reviewed by others in the world. I like it.


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