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The Devil Is In The Details Interview With Comix Tribe

Tyler James took some time out to ask me a handful of pretty rad questions about Daredevil and my upcoming book from Sequart all about him. It was a blast to chat with him. Check it out:

Dissecting Daredevil

It was especially awesome thinking about how I’d handle the title if given it. Kung fu noir.




Robot 6 Run My Daredevil Six by 6

In which I discuss; Six largely ignored Daredevil stories worth tracking down

Kevin Melrose at Robot 6 was fantastic to work with and when I discussed getting some press out about THE DEVIL IS IN THE DETAILS: EXAMINING MATT MURDOCK AND DAREDEVIL he was completely on board for doing something different. He didn’t want to just post the press release, he wanted to have some fun, so we swatted around ideas and then I offered to write an original article about six relatively ignored or forgotten Daredevil tales. The result is the article you can click through above to read. It was a lot of fun to write, and I hope some people find a new trade they should pick up. For clarity, the stories I discuss are:

Daredevil/Black Widow: Abattoir

Battlin’ Jack Murdock


Flying Blind

What If … Daredevil Became an Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.?

Daredevil #297 – The Termination of Typhoid


The Callahan Children Interview Me About Rainbow Dash

Tim Callahan has some wicked smart whippersnappers. They threw a smattering of Qs at me and I A’ed them the best I could. I have to admit, it’s fun being cornered by pre-teens and delivered some seriously off the wall queries. I need to find a way for these little ‘uns to interview me for every project I do ever moving forward.

The Callahan Children Interview Me About Rainbow Dash



The book drops in mid-late March 2013 – I’ll confirm the week when I know.


Multiversity Comics Interview About Daredevil Book

I spent a good week emailing with Matthew Meylikhov about Daredevil, comics, being the boss, and this book of essays I’m bringing out through Sequart titled THE DEVIL IS IN THE DETAILS: EXAMINING MATT MURDOCK AND DAREDEVIL. The resulting email thread is now the:

Multiversity Comics Interview with Ryan K Lindsay about The Devil is in the Details

Check it out for some cool words and why you need to be excited about this book.


The Round Stable Interview About Rainbow Dash

The Round Stable were good enough to chat with me about the MY LITTLE PONY MICRO SERIES: RAINBOW DASH one-shot I’ve written.

This chat was a load of fun and we get into the nuts and bolts of working on a licenced property and aligning with a tv show. Hit that link above to read it – and even see a rare photo of me. Gah.


As always, pre-ordering is just loving with more thought put into it.

Equestria Daily Interview About Rainbow Dash

I sat down and spoke with Equestria Daily about my upcoming MY LITTLE PONY MICRO SERIES: RAINBOW DASH one-shot coming out in March from IDW.

This interview was a lot of fun, and I was then absolutely floored by the community response in the comments section. Truly one time you should read the comments. Man, what nice people.


Pre-order to your heart’s delight at your LCS.

ManWithoutFear.com Interview

manwithoutfear int

That image above is my name listed amongst every single other manwithoutfear.com interview ever conducted. You have no idea what that means to me.

I chat with manwithoutfear.com’s Kuljit Mithra about the upcoming THE DEVIL IS IN THE DETAILS: EXAMINING MATT MURDOCK AND DAREDEVIL, out from Sequart in early 2013.

This interview was a blast to do but it’s also a bucket list scenario ticked off. I’ve loved Daredevil my whole life, I’ve loved Kuljit’s site ever since I stumbled across it many, many years ago, and so to have my name up in lights pixels there means so much to me. I am humbled.

I hope you dig the interview, and if you can find the other thing I’ve had up on the site then I’ll be incredibly impressed.

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