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The Last Comic of the Decade

As 2019 closes, so to does the decade.

It’s been a wild ride, and I like to commemorate events with comics. I can remember the night before my wedding I read THE ESCAPISTS by Brian K Vaughan, Jason Shawn Alexander, Steve Rolston, Philip Bond, and Eduardo Barreto. I’d bought it a few months before and saved it, and thankfully I loved this comic, but it also now always reminds me of my wedding day.

There are other comics that remind me of locations: GREEN WAKE #2 is walking from my hotel in Sydney to go find coffee to survive being in another town with my first child as a baby; Jason Aaron’s THOR run has only ever been read in trade, and seemingly only when on holidays; THE WALKING DEAD Vol. 1 takes me back to a house I shared with a mate when I first started teaching and my brother bought me that trade and got me back into comics; SLEEPER Vol. 1 is on a holiday to Brisbane, and Vols. 2-4 are back home to the first house I almost bought and reading them all on my bed in the sun.

As such, I like to plan ahead, and I’m wondering what comic i want to read as this decade closes, and as the new one opens.

Makes sense I should reread something to close out the decade, and then open the new decade with something new, something vibrant, something that’s a risk. Though, it also makes sense to do the opposite…

I’m thinking of rereading KILL OR BE KILLED #1 to close the decade because I *love* that comic, so it would be a fitting send off.

And to open 2020…I don’t know. Maybe I’ll get something for Xmas? I definitely feel like it should not be a Big Two book, it should be something more personal, something more specifically tailored to my tastes, perhaps.

RANDOM THOUGHT: if someone reads one of my comics to close/open a decade, well, that would be amazing.

Reading Piles

I should really be taking season photos of my reading piles.

Different from the reading shelf, where many things with pages go to sit and politely wait and watch everything else get read before them, the reading pile is for stuff being somewhat actively engaged with at the particular moment the photo is taken.

The reading pile is something special.

I recently had my end of 2017 reading pile turn up in my feed and t was interesting to see what I had been reading, and that all of that did indeed get read. Here it is:

This made me consider my current reading pile. Right now, it is:

Fascinating to stack up all of the things you’ve got going into your head at any one time.

I see I’m prepping a D&D adventure, I’m into a novel, I have two comics on the go, I printed off the PanelXPanel with my essay in it about NOVEMBER, and I’m chipping away at the PKD book.

A good pile reflects a good life, I believe.

Comic Critiques on Patreon

To start 2020 in a nice way, I’m going to offer a one page script critique to everyone who is supporting my Patreon at any $ level by the end of this month.


If you’re currently writing something, or the New Years Fog will lift long enough for a few script pages, then I’m here for you. Pledge by the end of December and any time during January, drop me a line, show me some script, and I’ll let you know how that opening page looks.

I love the Page One madness, that opening contract with the reader, so I look forward to helping a few people out with this one.

PanelXPanel – I Wrote an Essay About NOVEMBER

The latest issue of the comics magazine PanelXPanel is live and it’s all about NOVEMBER, the OGN from Elsa Charretier and Matt Fraction. I was honoured to be brought aboard to write about NOVEMBER, and I looked at a recurring visual which was a chainlink fence and how it represents the many lives that exist in a city and how people constantly affect others, and we get some agency, and sometimes life just happens to us.

The comic is great, so to get to write about it was a joy. There was so much to chew on, and everyone should go check out this issue, and then buy every PXP there is. It’s great brain fuel.


The Comic Scripting Process

I can never speak in absolute truths, but I can tell you I have gone through the process of this comic writing cycle scores and scores of times, and it never ever seems to change.

I don’t know if I find comfort in it anymore or not.

Wherever you are in your cycle today, know we’re all getting tumbled by this, constantly, and sometimes in our own personal and specific hell way.

CRONE #1 – Get it.

This is a comic worth buying. Then reading. Then thinking about for a while. Then studying and pulling it apart to see how it works.

The story from Dennis Culver is a cracker. The cold open on our leading lady in battle, in her prime, and showing how epic she is. It’s perfect in how it sets up character, a threat, a world, and the tone all at once in just a handful of pages.

Then we cut to the title double page spread, shown above, and it’s so beautiful. All that negative space, on the left side of the page, so Bloody Bliss [as she was known] is looking back over it, a showcase of an empty past. There were battles, and people, and heroism, and adventure, but at the end of her life, looking back on it all, there’s not much that’s stayed with her. Certainly not much of good worth remembering. It’s a genius element of the layout from the team, and Justin Greenwood absolutely nails the emptiness in which we find our character.

From there, the story takes us into a hero’s journey, with a great ending to this issue that has me very excited to dive straight into #2 as soon as I can get my hands on it.

If you’re looking for something new at your comic shop this week, lay your heart and soul down on this one, I really enjoyed the balancing act of a huge D&D style world with this aged Red Sonya type, set against the amazing art and captivating story.

CRONE #1 – go buy it.

SHE – Is Coming!

Hyped to annonuce I have a new book with ComixTribe.

SHE is written by me, illustrated by Chris Panda, and edited by Dan Hill.

It lands in 2020, but if you are at NYCC this weekend, you can score a completely exclusive and limited print run of a preview ashcan – including pages from the book, some other back matter type shenanigans, and it all looks gorgeous together.

SHE is coming, so the questioni is: are you available?

Patreon September Round Up

Hi all, Just thought I’d let you know what’s gone into my writing Patreon across September.


$5 Patrons have seen:

HEADSPACE Pitch – I shared the pdf of this pitch, a first huge step in my career leaping forward

ULLOMUR the Half-Orc – a Random D&D Character history [always fun to write]

$3 Patrons have seen:

Two 300 Flash Fic posts – one titled ‘GREEN DAWN’ that I liked, and one titled ‘GARDENING’ which I really dug [I thought I stuck a neat landing for something so short].

Script Leak: CHUM #1 – I shared the pdf of this script, a comic I enjoy looking back on because little aspects always surprise me.

$1 Patrons have seen:

DAREDEVIL #9 – my thoughts on a page from that issue

Real Talk – a post that went into what’s really on my plate in a way that’s more specific than I should really talk about in public.

If anything sounds good and you aren’t on that level, you can always bump up your pledge to scope things out for a month. Thanks for being here, getting support to make words and worlds is always hugely appreciated!



I think passion might be the only thing that matters.

I’ve only got time in my life for things I’m passionate about. I want to write what makes me absolutely thrilled to be at the table. I want to chase what excites me.

I don’t want to worry about the rules. Or feel locked on by them.

Passion drives us to do big, wild, crazy, amazing things. Usually. I think.

Well, they’re usually enjoyable in the doing, and what else are we asking for, really?

ACAF in Canberra – This Weekend!

acaf-2017-150pxThis coming weekend I’ll be a guest at the amazing new Canberra show, the Australian Comics and Art Festival [ACAF – hit the link]

I love this show, and not just because it’s a local romp for me. It’s a show absolutely centred on comics, and beyond that, also spends a lot of time looking into the craft and business of comics. It’s a true blessing of a show for someone looking into making comics, and it’s also ace for those who just love the medium and want to immerse into it for a weekend.

I’ll have some panels, and will be tabling on Sunday, so here are the details.

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