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BEAUTIFUL CANVAS Digital Ashcan Preview

A preview book of the pitch pages, script material, art process, covers, and other fun stuff to get people all kinds of excited about picking up BEAUTIFUL CANVAS from me, Sami Kivelä, Triona Farrell, Ryan Ferrier, Dan Hill, from Black Mask Studios. This gonzo pulp sci fi miniseries about a hitwoman deciding to not kill a small child is a study in how parenting messes you up, and why art is chaos theory. It’s been described as a Vertigo comic by Shane Black, and I’ll totally take that.

Download the ashcan pdf here [LINK]

CHUM Digital Ashcan Preview

A preview book of pitch pages, script material, Sami’s art process, and other blather to get you all warmed up to the idea of reading CHUM from me, Sami Kivelä, Mark Dale, Nic J Shaw, and Dan Hill, from ComixTribe. It’s a surf noir miniseries, and it’s gorgeous to look at. I wrote it like an old worn out paperback pulp, which was splendid fun.

Download the ashcan here [LINK]

Screenshot 2016-02-23 22.53.44SURVIVOR

A 6 page short with Daniel J Logan art, Mike Perry letters, and a Ryan K Lindsay script

This is the story of a man and his baby racing across the galaxy from a war-mongering race of aliens and at an impasse he has to decide if he’s a protector or a survivor.

Download the PDF here [LINK]


Owen Gieni is the colourist on SHUTTER at Image Comics [from Leila del Duca and Joe Keatinge] and he was offered the chance to draw some back up short stories, so he came to me and asked if I’d like to write one. You know the answer I’d give, and so we pushed a few ideas around, until we settled on this 2 page short about deep space exploration.

Fun Fact: it was these 2 pages that convinced Dark Horse to pair Owen with me on NEGATIVE SPACE. Pure synchronicity that’d we’d just made this story and had it to hand in.

Download the PDF here [LINK]


An 8 page short with Louie Joyce art, Nic J Shaw letters, and a Ryan K Lindsay script

This is the story of what truly happened to Harold Holt in 1967, and what happens in the future when all of the Harold Holts come back to Cheviot Beach for a royal rumble. It originally appeared in the HOME BREW VAMPIRE BULLETS #1 anthology

Read the comic online here [LINK]

Download the script PDF here [LINK]


An 8 page short with Matt Lesniewski art, Eagle Gosselin colours, Nic J Shaw letters, and a Ryan K Lindsay script

This is the true story of how Paul Keating, Australia’s most silver tongued Prime Minister, got caught up with the Mole Men, and then slowly controlled this great nation.

Download the comic PDF here [LINK]

Screenshot 2016-01-22 14.09.39LITTLE MAN IN THE BIG HOUSE: BIG

A 12 page short with Paul Tucker art, Ryan Ferrier letters, an Eric Zawadzki cover, and a Ryan K Lindsay script

This is the story of Macbeth, once a superhero with the ability to manipulate size, and now a prison guard at a rehabilitation centre for supercriminals. We open on his first day and he has to quell a block riot.

Download the comic PDF here [LINK]


A 12 page short with Francesco Iaquinta art, Mitchell Doig colours, Colin Bell letters, and a cover and script by Ryan K Lindsay

This story shows Macbeth a little more settled in at the rehabilitation centre for supercriminals, though about to get rattled when an old nemesis, The Massive, is brought in. The crims at Flinders Penitentiary love the fact someone is here to take on Macbeth, but you can never guarantee you’ve got the right dog in the fight when you are in the pen, no matter what their size.

Download the comic PDF here [LINK]


This comic is insane. Insane. Illustrated by  Jin Chan Yum Wai, he then asked me to script over the top of it. It was only 8 pages, how hard could it be? Well, take that, and make it harder for yourself, because I then decided to just write two separate scripts over the art – a kid-friendly, Adventure Time inspired one, and the other a snarkier, far more crass version, that’s most definitely kid unfriendly.

Either way, I feel confident we’re going to make you laugh.

Download the ALL AGES EDIT here [LINK]

Download the AFTER HOURS EDIT that should never ever be given to a child [LINK]


This 5 page short from Daniel J Logan, Jordie Bellaire, Ed Brisson, and myself ran in the back of GRIM LEAPER #2 way back when. We were given the task of coming up with a ‘Love story to die for’ and I went pretty far out there – it’s a gross story, and so we present it to you, for the first time ever online, and we hope you enjoy.

Download the pdf of LOVESICK here [LINK]

green wake quantum immortalityGREEN WAKE: QUANTUM IMMORTALITY

A22 page one-shot with Nathaniel Ooten art, Brandon DeStefano letters, and a Ryan K Lindsay script

This is a story set in the world of GREEN WAKE [an Image/Shadowline book from Riley Rossmo and Kurtis J Wiebe] and it shows us what happens to a father when obsession overrules the love inside him, fuelling only the anger left in its vacuum.

Read the comic on the Green Wake site staring here and then keep clicking for the next page [LINK]



An ebook collecting my month-long essay series about some of my most loved noir things in this world. From comics, to film, to tv, and beyond, I had a blast doing this in 2015 and am always happy when these essays find a new set of eyes to delight.

Download the PDF of the ebook [LINK]

ymmv: a column about making comics

For a year, I wrote a fortnightly column about making comics, and what I was digging or doing, over at Loser City. It was fun, it helped me formalise my thoughts on a lot of stuff, and if it helps just a few others then I’ll be very happy.

Download the PDF of the ebook [COMING SOON]


An essay I wrote about ULTIMATE HULK V WOLVERINE by Leinil Francis Yu and Damon Lindelof. I dove deep on this one, had a bunch of fun [as befits the book], and it was initially slated for a book about Marvel’s Ultimate U, but the book fell through, so now you get the essay for free, and laid out using LucidPress so there are pics and overly used design elements, no doubt. But it helped teach me the platform. Anyway, enjoy :]

Download the essay PDF here [LINK]

The Only Way is Down: Lark and Brubaker’s Saga as ’70s Cinematic Noir

I edited a book of essays all about Marvel’s Daredevil character through Sequart , titled ‘THE DEVIL IS IN THE DETAILS: EXAMINING MATT MURDOCK AND DAREDEVIL. In it, many incredibly smart people wrote essays about the various aspects of daredevil’s life, and I joined them by penning two essays – one is all about Matt Murdock’s lovelife across the decades, and the other is about how the Lark/Brubaker run is absolute pure noir.

So, for the first time, you can now download that entire Lark/Brubaker noir essay as a standalone PDF right here [LINK]


Discussions about comics, and a secret other topic [not comics].





Annotations of my work from 2013-2015




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