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Noirvember 2016 Challenge – 0006

Lazy Sunday:



Billie is still in the first year of running her own cafe. The first year is a dangerous time, many small businesses don’t make it out, and this small business owner might not make it out alive.

As she’s closing the cafe one lazy Sunday afternoon, a tall woman barrels through the door and dives onto the ground. The blood streak left behind her unconscious body on the linoleum floor is the first alarm bell.

But Billie was raised to help others when you can, so she tends to the mysterious woman’s wounds while waiting for paramedics to arrive. When they finally enter, Billie feels off about it, but she doesn’t say anything. Not until she sees the weapons they try to conceal from her view. Billie realises something is amiss and forces these apparent helpers back into their ambulance.

Upon waking, the bleeding woman helps Billie, and then shoots the van up. She tells Billie that she isn’t safe, and she knows this because she’s been hired to kill her.

Now Billie’s best chance of surviving a night on the run from thrill killing Hollywood elites is to trust the woman sent to kill her.

Noirvember 2016 Challenge – 0005

Making with the noir story title/idea/blurbs since:


Here lies instalment 0005, gone too soon:


Hannah and Martha live across the street from each other. They have for over 50 years. And they have hated each other for about 47 of those years, with vitriol.

So when Hannah is given a few weeks to live, Martha steps up to do the right thing and protect Hannah’s classified files from invaders in the neighbourhood who would want to know what secrets a retired international spy dying of nuclear contamination poisoning might be hiding in her walls.

But the fools arriving on Rutherford Lane didn’t count Martha into their plans, and they’re going to find this job surprisingly difficult because she might have spent half a century hating her old partner, but she still feels a duty to protect the work they built together.

Noirvember 2016 Challenge – 0004

Another well cooked edition of:


This is a worn paperback edition of the back cover of 0004:


There’s a record in an old shop that’s got some seriously bad knowledge on the B side. A young woman bought it in a stack, and last night she got around to listening to it with a few quiet ciders. This morning, she’s as dead as disco.

It’s been six hours since her demise and the record has changed hands 5 times, leaving a path of over a dozen dead bodies – some identifiable, some…well, a little scratched up.

Melissa Daye is a deaf detective who’s been paid handsomely to locate an oil magnate’s daughter. But his daughter went shopping last weekend, and has a penchant for vinyl, and now Melissa is on the trail of the platter that matters the most in a case that’s going to leave Melissa with some very hard choices to make.

If you captured the devil’s voice, would you ever listen to it?

Noirvember 2016 Challenge – 0003

Okay, crack open the whiskey, it’s time for tonight’s:


This time, add in some of those Millennium Falcon ice cubes, we’re getting intergalactic with our noir for 0003 in:


A festival of death, ascension, and rebirth looms over Nula Pontoom, a small slum on Coruscant, home planet of the Empire, as the locals use it as an excuse to allow their abusive tendencies to escalate for two days.

Palanda Ormell returns, in shadow, to infiltrate the festival and extract the murderer of a high ranking Empire official. However, she is shocked to discover her father hiding in Nula’s back alleys because she’s assumed him dead for half her life.

Yet here he stands, ready to reconnect, because he’s been stabbed. By a lightsaber. Which he now has. And he knows the price on his head just trebled and he’s going to need his daughter’s help to get off Coruscant and away from the people who want that lightsaber back, because it’s the murder weapon in the case Nula is trying to solve.

The Festival of Sins has begun, Nula, may it not eat your soul before dawn.

Noirvember 2016 Challenge – 0002

Welcome back to tonight’s regularly scheduled:


A month-long writing exercise where I propose a pulp noir story title and idea/blurb for it. We hope that you enjoy instalment 0002…


Nicole Raimi inherits her grandmother’s rural estate and moves in with a plan to flip it to fund a trip to Europe. But when she pulls the sheet to reveal the mirror in the sunroom, her whole worldview shifts as she stands looking at herself, only ten years in the future.

Through arcane mysticism, the woman Nicole will become is able to communicate with her, and tip her off as to what lies in wait forever in tomorrow, through this antique structure of wood and glass.

Nicole’s life starts to turn around as she has the heads up on problems and opportunities well in advance, and while she doesn’t know how her older self communicates through the looking glass, she never once considers that maybe she’s ended up trapped in there. And will do anything to earn or steal passage back to the real world.

When a pretty, young, transient painter named Molly moves in to upgrade the mansion’s facade, she falls in love with the Nicole in the mirror and thus begins a brutal and passionate dance that will see only one of the three women survive, and the other two cast into a half-life in this world’s reflection.

Noirvember 2016 Challenge

Okay, because I’m dumb, and I like to keep real busy, and because #noirvember is my writerly way of doing something anywhere near as cool as #inktober or any of those rad artist sketch things, I’m throwing down a Challenge for the month of November.

#noirvember is a month-long celebration of noir. Watch some old flicks, listen to some Bernard Hermann, and just ride the downward spiral.

So what if we turned this noir event into something a writer could tackle on the fly? Oh, yes, enter the:


For the month of #noirvember, I’m going to write a noir story title and idea [written as a blurb whenever I can] every day and post them around for a bit of dark fun. Nothing too long, maybe add the opening line of the story if you’re feeling nasty. But that’s the challenge.

I like setting challenges for myself, as a writer, it keeps me fresh. As such:

#noirvember2016 0001


Erica Farrell is a loving housewife and mother saved by a heart transplant, but afterwards she discovers she’s lost all emotion.

Packing a gun into her belt, she steals a car and sets off for her solution.

It’s not going to be an easy heist, but Erica always knew a good heart these days is hard to find.

And even harder to remove.

EIR Kickstarter Launches

screenshot-2016-10-13-23-52-46EIR is here – an all ages sci fi one-shot comic for just $1



This all ages sci fi one-shot comic with:

Alfie Gallagher art

Triona Farrell colours

Ryan Ferrier letters

Dan Hill edits

and me writing is 24 pages of narrative we believe in.

And here’s why you should head along through the link and slap down some money, if you dig.

Backers in the first 24 hours at $3+ get themselves 4 extra all ages downloads that night for amazing books – MORE INFO HERE

This is an all ages sci fi story with a young female lead that’s got intergalactic adventure and is also deeply about how we deal with some of the hardest human emotions

If you make your own comics, you can pledge to get Alfie Gallagher to ink you one, and he’ll send you the art, while Triona Farrell colours the file and emails you that for use, strike quickly because this one won’t last – MORE INFO HERE

Oh, and every time we hit backer totals of 100 increments, I’m going to unlock 5 pledges to get:

EIR Post Parcel pledge level

@ $30, which will include:

  • EIR – the comic printed up
  • FATHERHOOD – a one-shot comic I wrote in 2013 for the parents out there
  • EIR Character Cards – I’ll print 3 character cards out, on card, just for you
  • EIR pin up print – an A4 print of the pin up!
  • A special, one of a kind, printed and signed script cover sheet with a 6 word story on it and a helmet sketch from Ryan K Lindsay.

So keep your eyes on my backer count and be ready to pounce, the first batch just went live, I wonder how long they’ll last. See you at 200, I guess.

This is my fourth Kickstarter campaign, raising over $10,000 for DEER EDITOR over 2+ years, and I’ve always delivered, and always make it a habit to make sure my backers get plenty and plenty of extras for their money.

This book is also insanely gorgeous, as Alfie/Triona just level up as an art team and bring everything out in beautiful four colour.

Still unsure, scope this great early review by LJ Phillips at Black Ship Books, where he says, “What makes the story so touching is the simplicity and sweetness of the conclusion. It ends with hope. Sometimes we don’t need to believe in monsters so much as to believe that we can defeat them.

Hit the campaign up, look around, get in cheap, get in for art, get in however you want, and please spread the word – indie DIY comics is a hard game, every recommendation matters, and books can die on the vine from apathy, so I hope we’ve excited you. EIR is something personal, and something wildly fun.



EIR – Meet Your Next Comic Cover Team

EIR is an all ages sci fi one shot comic from Alfie Gallagher and myself coming to Kickstarter Nov. 01 – all basic details here.


In our bid to raise a little capital for all of us in the EIR Corp Building, we are offering a very special pledge level, exclusive to 1 [one], and it’s of particular interest to those making their own DIY comics. Yes:

Meet Your Next Comic Cover Team

For $180 [Aussie dollars], you can work with Alfie Gallagher on inks and Triona Farrell on colours, to get a gorgeous cover for your own comic, and Alfie will even send you the OG inked artwork in the mail.

Putting together a DIY comic is hard, then getting it noticed is sometimes harder. Having a legit A+ cover helps that, and you can see from above, Alfie/Tree are a dream team. Need more convincing? here’s a cover style pin up they’ve also done for EIR:


There are other opportunities to buy or request art from Alfie through the campaign, so scope his style here.

Our Kickstarter launches Nov. 01 @ 4pm EST [Australia] so set your alarms for that moment because I know this pledge will not last long, and it’s the sort of thing that will take your comic to the absolute next level, and also gets your office wall a superb slice of ink featuring your own character.

To consider Alfie’s level of cover game, just feast your eyes below. And prepare your November budget, because you will want this one, and want to get it quickly.

09 11 12 10

EIR – all ages sci fi comics for everyone, on Kickstarter, Nov 01.


EIR – An Affordable All Ages Digital Comic

I believe in cheap digital comics. With my Kickstarter campaigns, I only ever try and ask for what I would personally pay myself.

As such, all through November, you’ll be able to buy EIR, our all ages sci fi one-shot comic from Alfie Gallagher [artist], Triona Farrell [colourist], Ryan Ferrier [letterer], and myself [writer] at the spectacular prices of $1 or $3.


Why are there two prices for the PDF of this comic? Simple.

$1 EIR = a PDF of the story, and that’s it.

Read it, love it, print it off to roll it up and put it in your back pocket while you trundle off to play stick ball. This is all you need to enjoy the story, and it’s only a dollar [and not only that, an Aussie dollar – no doubt pennies on your end if you are overseas/intergalactic].

No matter what other pledges or prices I offer, I know I’m not gouging because if the story interests you, well, there’s that dollar entry. Whereas:

$3 EIR = a deluxe mammoth PDF of the story, art process, pin up material, the script, extra character bios – everything for the process junkie looking for more, and looking to score.

This PDF is, in my opinion, still crazy affordable, but I know it’s not for everyone. And if it is for you, man, you are going to love it, and love that price.

My hope is that people want to peek enough behind the curtain that they’ll drop the trio of coins for us, and help get Alfie Gallagher paid even more, but if not, just that $1 pledge helps.


Every pledge sends emails to your followers instantly, every person who follows up with a backing response on social media helps push things forward. And those things do generate clicks and more pledges. Kickstarter is a glorious snowball like that.

So set the alarm clock you wear around your neck for 4pm Tuesday November 01 [Aussie EST] and get in on this great all ages comic, and by backing in the first 24 hours open yourself up to 4 more free instant downloads that night [READ ABOUT THE FIRST 24 HOUR BACKER REWARDS HERE] and we hope to see you on the trail in November. It’s going to be fun.

And if looking over Alfie’s amazing art in this post gets your excited, then hit the link here to discover the phenomenal art opportunities Alfie is opening up to everyone through this campaign. I’m so crazy excited to see what you are able to pledge for.



EIR – First 24 Hour Backer Rewards

Oh, wow, do we have some good news for you! You like free comic PDF downloads of stupendously fantastic all ages comics, right?


EIR is our all ages sci fi one-shot comic from Alfie Gallagher and me, launching on Kickstarter Nov 01.

Remember that day, because for every backer that comes in for the first 24 hours at the $3 pledge level or higher, well, we’ve got a crazy treat for you – there are going to be some amazing bonus downloads given to you that very night.


screenshot-2016-09-06-22-18-34We believe in EIR, and we believe in all ages comics, and we believe in the power of Kickstarter [this is my fourth rodeo], and so we believe in support. Most importantly, supporting those who support us.

EIR is the story of Sasha, a young girl who wakes up with a sentient sci fi helmet in her room who promises intergalactic adventures, as well as a moment’s peace away from her hectic family. You should totally buy it for yourself, but maybe also buy it to give to a little friend, email it to your kids, or tell an extension writing group that it’d make good reading and they should get their pledge on. This book is for everyone, with wild and weird aliens as well as some super-grounded emotions and themes.

You need this book in your life, so to make the decision quick for you, we’re going to offer one day only downloads for the following comics for the grand people who back the campaign in the first 24 hours at the $3 pledge level or higher – and the $3 level means you are getting the deluxe and massive EIR PDF with art process, the script, a mammoth essay, and lots of other fun stuff. And then you will now also get access to the PDFs of:

THE INTREPIDS #1 from Scott Kowalchuk and Kurtis J. Wiebe

CAPTAIN ULTIMATE #1 from Boy Akkerman, Ben Bailey, and Joey Esposito

ORC GIRL, a one-shot, from Thomas Boatwright and Paul Allor, and

CLOWN FIGHT, a one-shot, from Ger Curti and Rob Harrington

This means just $3 in the first day and you’ll get 4 whole comics that night, as well as our deluxe/huge one-shot at the end of the month, too. And these 4 downloads are here for a reason, because they represent some of the best of what I think has come out in all ages comics in a while. These are Certified Awesome. And all yours, just for being punctual.

C’mon, that’s a bargain you can’t ignore, right?

Set your alarm klaxons for Tuesday November 01, 4pm EST [Australia] and get ready to have your week’s reading sorted just because we love you. You have one week to be prepared.


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