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Ryan K Lindsay – Writer

Creative Feelings

Being creative is sometimes like those stories about superheroes whose power is also killing them.

It’s conflicting.

You wish it was easier. You dream of not wanting to be creative, to just use time to mindlessly [blissfully] chill, but you also can’t think of anything worse.

Being creative reminds me that I’m just about smart enough to consciously know how smart I am not.

This panel from WHAT IT IS by Lynda Barry sums up the emotions of writing perfectly.

But, still, there’s nothing finer than creating something and having it out in the world.


LONG RAIN – A Study of Mood In Art

You need to buy LONG RAIN by Artyom Topilin – BUY IT NOW

This one-shot comic is an adaptation of a Ray Bradbury story, and the art in it is delicious. You get a sense of location instantly, which is perfect because it’s set on a planet that hasn’t stopped raining ever, and the astronauts [?] wandering about looking for salvation are starting to show mental fatigue. It doesn’t help that there are weird flower things in the ground that seem, well, they seem about as deadly and certain as time itself.

Just looking at the cover above, you can see the style and tone being laid out. My main complaint is that this is digital, and I want to own this as a beautiful hardcover in my hands.

The opening panel sets up everything by showing us that nothing is what we would think of as normal, the colours are close, but just off. The red shows us danger, but it’s obscured, it’s maybe not clear and present danger, it’s just the natural danger that lurks for us all. We can either chase it, or we can hide from it. But it’ll always be there.

This is a comic that needs you to think deeply, and reflect even deeper, and come to your own conclusions.

If anyone buys it, I’d love to hear your take on anything within its pages. It’s certainly a personal fave for me already, and it’s nice to pay a little money directly into a creator’s pocket.

SHE – Simone Guglielmini Pin Up

Simone Guglielmini: Noir Master

I’ve loved Simone’s work for longer than I can remember. He makes some of the most beautiful and haunting crime comics. I reached out to Simone because he’s a mate, but I wasn’t sure if he’d have the time to contribute, or the desire considering the sci fi bent of this story. Thankfully, he saw the crime angle of this bounty hunter tale and steered heavily into that skid.

You know Simone’s working on something when it’s beautiful and deadly at the same time. His figures and composition are always A+, and I love his design flair here of the falling body down the page. This is as much a poster and a cover as it is a pin up. It’s beyond gorgeous.

This original piece of art will be available for purchase through the Kickstarter for She this week before the campaign ends!

If you or a friend need this art, or just to see it within the oversized hardcover comic it’s assisting, make sure you don’t miss this link below, we are in our final days:


SHE – Sami Kivela Pin Up

Sami Kivela: Art Beast

I mean, he’s just so damn good at *everything*

Sami’s pin up will appear in the SHE HC, on Kickstarter right now!

Sami has been someone I’ve been making comics with for over half a decade. We’ve put out many stories together over the years, and Sami also has a habit of doing me the honour of seeing other characters come to life through his lens.

He’s been insanely busy of late – illustrating ABBOTT at Boom, and MACHINE GUN WIZARDS at Dark Horse and UNDONE BY BLOOD at AfterShock – but he’s such a capital B Bloke, he still found time for this, and I’m so insanely glad he did.

The colours are the first thing that pop out on this pin up, that space sizzle is gorgeous. Then I look to She, and Sami has given her mystery and introspection and a sense of power against the unknown endless before her. Shoulders up, leaning forward, not caring – yep, that’s our bounty hunter.

Sami will always be one of my favourite modern artists of all time, and this piece is just another reminder of the power of comics collaboration, and friendship, and why so many of us make comics.

If you or a friend want to see this pin up in its final state within a gorgeous oversized hardcover comic, clickn the link below and back us on Kickstarter before the week is over:

SHE: AT THE TOWER OF ALL THAT IS KNOWN on Kickstarter, Final Days!

SHE – Alfie Gallagher Pin Up

Alfie Gallagher: so damn fine.

Alfie’s pin up goes up for sale on the SHE Kickstarter campaign soon – be ready!

I love Alfie’s work. Ever since we made EIR together, I’ve wanted to work with him again. And again. His art always comes out so expressive, so fluid, like there’s a real world busy living behind every page he inks. This pin up makes me smile because he’s found the character of She so well in there, and he’s given her motion and location and life.

The way he brings design into things – that sun behind her head – always makes me smile.

This week, the inks for this piece will be available on the Kickstarter page. If you’re a backer, you’ll get an email when the Update goes live, and you can get this piece of art for your home and make me and Alfie happy comic making people.

If you haven’t checked it out yet, or you know a friend who needs more gorgeous oversized hardcover sci fi bounty hunting comics in their life, hit the link:

SHE: AT THE TOWER OF ALL THAT IS KNOWN, on Kickstarter for One Last Week

SHE – Louie Joyce Pin Up

Asked Louie Joyce for a pin up and instead he delivers this face-melting masterpiece.

Just one reason Louie Joyce is an absolute boss, a great mate, and a titan of Australian art. Go scope his entire brain of art on his site!

SHE is a comic series from Chris Panda and myself that’s a sci fi espionage smash-and-grab about an intergalactic bounty hunter. It’s being published by ComixTribe and is running a Kickstarter to get the printing presses fired up – check it out here!

Alongside offering this die-cut hardcover graphic novella, we’re putting some extra special stuff in and this Louie Joyce pin up is a crucial part of that. You can get it as a metallic print in the Bounty Bundle pledge tier, but cruise along and see what’s right for you!


I want to take a moment to bask in the glow of Louie’s spectacular work here. The action and motion at play is so awesome, and is so well conveyed through the diagonal composition. The fact She is cutting left across the page, going against the grain, rushing into the action, is completely on point for who she is.

And those colours. The foreground/background balance is wizard level. I always love seeing Louie Joyce artwork, but there’s an extra kick when it’s in league with a project I’m creating.

SHE Live on Kickstarter! Get your sci fi hardcover now! 🚀

SHE: At The Tower Of All That Is Known

My latest comic is a collaboration with Chris Panda, and is it now live on Kickstarter – CLICK HERE TO GO SCOPE IT OUT!

This sci fi espionage comic is about She, an intergalactic bounty hunter who’s sent on a wild mission that becomes very personal, very quickly. If you’re here, and you’ve dug my stuff before, then this book is for you. If you hated my previous stuff, this is nothing like it, this is totally fresh, so it’s definitely for you! :]

This comic is completely done, which is why we’ve spent time getting it ready to print, and as such Tyler James at ComixTribe has organised something special: this will be an oversized hardcover, with a die cut cover. This means it’s bigger than your average comic, and the cover has a hole in it where overlays and art will sit, and the effect is so damn gorgeous.

There are a variety of pledge tiers, but I think if you’re getting in on day one you’ll want to scope out some of the Collector Tiers – where you can get your hands on extra swag, prints, and such, although our one-of-a-kind premiur tier already sold, sorry.

But there’s also a Lego Minifig of She. I’ll post details later, no time to sleep on this now.

This is not a drill. Go back SHE on Kickstarter now and let indie comics know they’re still alive in 2020

I’m really excited about this comic succeeding, so I hope you’ll join us for the ride. If you’re so inspired, please share the link with people you think would dig it, or on any social media places where you push out the good word!

Click here to go see She, and let’s make some great creator owned comics!


D&D on my Patreon

When I started playing D&D a year or so ago, I could instantly tell it would be a great balance against my writing. The inspiration is so strong when you play [player or DM] and I’ve found my brain firing constantly thanks to it over the past year.

When I rearranged my Patreon [you can scope it here], I decided to include a D&D Random Character History pledge option and every month I generate a character sheet on dndbeyond.com and then try to work out the character’s life, back story, and possible future. It’s like a narrative puzzle, and it’s so much fun, and then I get to write a short piece laying this character out.

The aim is for it to be fun to read, but it can also be used in anyone’s adventure as a unique NPC, and it’s also a great mental break for my brain. I’m usually writing comic scripts, and story proposals, and plot engines and it’s all large stuff, so this flash writing is just fun for me – as are the 300 Word Flash Fic posts on my Patreon.

In short, my Patreon helps me collect a little bit of money for keeping my writing bones sharp, and it gives me a smile, and hopefully it gives something to my supporters over there. This week I’ve uploaded my latest character, a Dragonborn Fighter with skills on the Glassblower tools, and she was a blast to figure out.

If you dig short-form writing, and supporting writers getting their fingers flowing in their home office, then I think you’d dig what I do on my Patreon.


Every dollar adds up and helps me out and I can’t express how thankful it makes me.

2020 Notebooks

If you need me, I’ll be here.

2020 has picked up enough that I’m now busy.

In fact, I’m full.

I teach full time, and try to do a damn fine job of it, so that leaves me time to split between family and writing [and D&D (and friends)]. As such, I can’t write 7 things at once, but I can write a few things at once and keep the quality high.

So, as of right now, this is my mental load.

Two miniseries I’m really excited for, both with different publishers I’ve never worked with before.

One graphic novella I’m hoping to spin into more.

One novel project that now gets the glorious position of being my back burner tinker project.

And DEER EDITOR. Always got time to sit and pull strings in that world, even though I have no idea at all when I’ll get to return.

I have my notebooks. I have a brain full of stories and characters and worlds.

I’m ready to write.

Thinking About Miller’s Composition on Daredevil

Annotations on a page from Daredevil Vol. 1 #179 by Frank Miller & Klaus Janson

I’m always trying tot hink about comics. When you make comics, you find yourself constantly trying to figure out how to make the magic happen. Not just how to make it happen, or anything happen, how to make the magic happen.

I find this works best when I just leave my brain powered on, eyes open, and seeing/thinking about the world. Which is why I found myself staring at this page from Frank Miller’s first run on Daredevil and just seeing the simple beauty of the layout/composition.

To best tap this knowledge into my brain, I quickly wrote about it, as seen above. I thought about the jagged composition, and what it meant for the scene, and for the characters. It’s not too intricately thought out, just a depth charge to get your brain spinning, and to hopefully make you appreciate comics, or get inspired to make comics, or just go dig out your old floppies and have an afternoon with them.

Or in my case, maybe all three.

I try to think about comics a lot.

You can support me on Patreon where I store a bunch of this stuff.

Or you can sub to my newsletter, THE TWO FISTED HOMEOPAPE, where I often turn my brain inside out and shake loose this kind of semi-helpful detritus.

May it find you well.

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