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Vertigo Magenta featuring GLOVES short

The Magenta issue of the CMYK anthology from Vertigo will hit stores on July 30th, and in it will be GLOVES, a short I wrote, Tommy Lee Edwards illustrated, John Workman lettered, and Sara Miller edited.

magenta cover

“The summer issue of the Vertigo Quarterly is here! It’s MAGENTA, the hot pink sky in your sweltering summer, bringing together comics’ most talented writers and artists – both established and new – for an anthology only VERTIGO could deliver.”

I am beyond proud and excited to be bringing you 8 pages of boxing crime from one of the premiere comic imprints we all love. I am insanely proud of this short, both Sara Miller and Mark Doyle pushed me to make it beyond great, and having Edwards and Workman bring it to life is like some crazy dream. And they certainly breathe life into this tale with every panel.

You can preorder your copy of the anthology, it will also feature stories by Fabio Moon, Peter Milligan, Rian Hughes, Matteo Scalera, Nathan Fox, and many others. It is out July 30th, it’s 80 pages, it’s $7.99 and I think you’ll super dig it.


LEE – A Prose Anthology About Lee Marvin

Seriously, what a killer concept. A book of short stories about a fictional life of Lee Marvin. As soon as I heard about this stupendously thought out offering from Crime Factory, I knew I was in. It’s just too rad to be missed. But then to have the opportunity to also have a short story in there, whoa, man, hell yes, please. A murder of fine crime writers contribute stories from Lee’s youth to his storied movie career. This is one hell of a gonzo trip.

I wrote “And The Gunslinger Followed“, a tale of old man Lee Marvin racing against the devil. It was a pulpy mess to write.

LEE – buy the paperback through Crime Factory now for $15 +postage.

Also, enjoy the cover for the rest of your life.

lee cover


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