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EIR – Meet Alfie Gallagher

EIR exists because Alfie Gallagher came on board and made it the magic that it is.


This all ages sci fi one-shot comic is a pure collaboration between me and Alfie, and we are so excited to bring it to Kickstarter across all of November.


To learn more about the EIR Kickstarter campaign in general, CLICK HERE

To learn more about Sasha and Eir, the young female lead and her sentient sci fi helmet, CLICK HERE

I can remember, a while back, discovering Alfie’s art – probably on twitter. I can remember being blown away by it, and so starting a conversation with the man. A conversation that eventually led to this collaboration. I could see from Alfie’s expressive, fluid, and welcoming style, that’d he would quite simply crush it on an all ages book. And the script for EIR, then just titled with the stand-in HELMET, was coming along nicely and I knew he’d be the perfect partner in crime for this.

To say that Alfie has exceeded expectations on this book is an understatement. He brought the galactic funk when needed, he laid down the sass and the cool to always build character, and he completely annihilates those moments of emotional gravity where we want you to feel. Alfie is every reason this book succeeds, he is the champion behind it all. And he’s so ably aided by Triona Farrell on colours that you could forgive a writer for feeling like he isn’t needed – they do all the heavy lifting.

During our Kickstarter, it gives me great pleasure to share Alfie with you in exciting ways where you can pledge to receive original art from him. Just consider some of his artwork here to get a taste of his style and wild talent!

01 02 03

We launch on November 01 at 4pm EST Australia, so look closely below and work out what you want because I can’t imagine much of it will last long.

$80 will get you an ink sketch of Sasha in the helmet from Alfie

$90 will get you a bespoke ink sketch of whatever you want

$100 will get you 1 of 3 interior ink pages from the book – samples coming later

$115 will get you the inks for the EIR pin up


$130 will get you the inks for the EIR cover


$[affordable mystery price] will get you an inked cover for your own book by Alfie – a great opportunity for someone nascent putting together a comic and wanting it to look amazing on the shelf – so please consider quality assurance samples below.

09 11 12

I mean, simply behold that beauty above. Imagine that on the front of your own comic. Wild, right?

So, I suggest you set an alarm for November 01, 4pm Aussie EST, because all these art pledges go live, and they are a steal, and a great thing for your wall, and for your life.

EIR is a $1 all ages sci fi one-shot comic. We hope you dig. And in the wait time, Alfie is running a Kickstarter campaign right now for a gorgeous sketch book and you most likely need it in your life.


Thank you.


EIR is coming to Kickstarter in November

I’m heading back to Kickstarter in November with EIR


This all ages sci fi 24 page one-shot comic is rocking Alfie Gallagher on art, Triona Farrell on colours, Ryan Ferrier on letters, Dan Hill editing, and me writing the script, all through my DIY imprint Four Colour Ray Gun.

The campaign launches on November 01, and there will be a sweet offer coming for those who back in the first 24 hours [more exciting info being released soon].

We’ll be starting the PDF of the comic at $1 – and we hope this lures in everyone who is, or has, a kid with a mobile device and who loves great genre fiction that doesn’t pander or talk down, has something important to say, and does it through insane intergalactic adventuring and a great young female lead in Sasha.



The campaign will expand to more pledge levels:

  • a $3 PDF absolutely full of extras – process material/sketches/designs, the script, an essay about other great all ages comics, etc.
  • the chance to get some Alfie commissions @ $90, or a cover from him @ $110 [all crazy bargains, he’s just so good]
  • an Audio Commentary from me

At present, there won’t be any options to buy the book in print through the campaign [see my usual complaints about the Australian postal system/costs], though perhaps exclusive opportunities could become available throughout the campaign [and extras could come with those rare print copies]… :]

This will be my fourth Kickstarter campaign, after raising over $10,000 for DEER EDITOR with Sami Kivelä across 3 years, and I’m excited to launch something new, and completely standalone.

Also a reminder that you can VIEW THE EIR TEASER TRAILER HERE

The whole team at Helmet HQ is keen to get this book out into the world because it means so much to us, and we completely believe in it and love it.


And we hope you do, too. DIY comics are fun to make, scary to make, and beautiful to get into the right hands. We hope you help us in November find all the people who need this and get us funded, and beyond.


THANK YOU, and stay tuned for more news in the coming weeks to see all the reasons to get excited and how this campaign can also work for you.

What is Best in Life? – 2015 Edition

2015, I believed.


DEADLY CLASS by Wes Craig and Rick Remender

Just loved every single panel in this crazy messed up book. It’s a wild idea, wrapped up by a wide array of intriguing characters, in a $10 intro trade, with some of the most nuanced and superb comic making I’ve seen in a while. Just an utter joy to behold – well, in a sense of how it is made…most of the actual narrative is as bleak as leftover coffee the next morning.



Just the best in show for everything, really. This year was S3 and it closed out the show and did it so masterfully that I’m still in awe. This is one of the few things I just keep bringing up to people and gushing to them about. It’s a show I want to share because it represents so many things about storytelling I love, and I wish I could do.

I’d love more seasons but I also love how tight and wonderfully this is all stitched up. This year, everything else paled in comparison.



And I mean hands down, best flick of the year. I crazy loved the idea but the execution was better. With a simple narrative throughline, they then explore emotions in such a deliberate and delightful way that my 5yo man dug it but I was floored by it. I cried twice in the damn flick and then when I got home and tried to explain it to the wife I started tearing up again. She thought I must’ve had a stroke. So good, and who knew we needed HERMAN’S HEAD the kid adaptation so bad?



Yes, a new Sarah Blasko album dropped and she’s still amazing. ETERNAL RETURN has fuelled some words in the last few months.



Every time I listen to this podcast about using Kickstarter for making comics it inspires me to make some more comics. I just get the fire in the gut again. You need to have that fire, and stoke it, and shift it, and kick it, if you’re going to survive this stupid ride we repeat again and again making comics.

The ComixLaunch podcast is just gasoline all up in my bonfire of life. I was also on an ep, dig it, it’s all about kickstarting DEER EDITOR and doing a digital only campaign from Australia [LINK]



This ebook was like two bucks or something stupid and it was a tight, short, very interesting read. And I’m finding it hard to hang on to novels because they are taking me crazy amounts of time to get through so short novella stuff is just right and this book was aces [LINK]

Are there other best things from this year I should be considering? No app jumped out at me this year, and no way could I single out all the cool art I’ve been able to scope in my travels with collaborators, so I think this is it.

2015 was a building block year, and it built in me patience. Hopefully I can use it to calmly slaughter 2016.

Station 16 – A Study in Atmospheric Spatiotemporal Fear

STATION 16 by Hermann & Yves H. got its first English language release through Dark Horse and you should probably track it down.

station 16 cover

A Bandes dessinées horror book about a small Russian group of soldiers who receive a distress call from an abandoned station that hasn’t been active for decades. They send a small team to investigate and what they find is a spatiotemporal anomaly that thrusts them through time and in front of danger.

Considering the logline on the story, it’s nothing insanely inventive. It’s fun, sure, and it’s just enough to keep up with without getting lost, but it’s not reinventing any wheels. By about halfway through you’ll have guessed most of the turns in this path. I assume most people spent their youth filling their twisted anthology gourds with EC shorts and OUTER LIMITS/TWILIGHT ZONE episodes and if you have then this tale will unravel for you easily, and you’ll probably even predict the end by about halfway through – maybe even 5 pages in if you are really trying – something I rarely actually do, I’m happy to let a story play out for me rather than become my own Spoilers Man. But that’s not the point of the book. It’s not about knowing the journey ahead but rather it’s about settling into the way you feel on that journey, how your surroundings affect the temperature of your skin, and why the fact you can’t see through the copse of bush into daylight on either side is making your breath come in fitful spurts. This book becomes more about the page atmosphere than it does the plot mechanics.

The art from Hermann is the winner on these pages. The way he stacks and tiles each page so he’s routinely landing 9 panels per page, or more. He takes moments and beats and makes you feel the pauses and still have ample room to progress the story every time.

I’ve been reading some ASTERIX books with my kids recently so had been delving into that Franco-Belgian page style where 12 panels ain’t no thing. I’ve also been loving those reprints of THE SMURFS so to see that style, that page density, used for dramatic/horrific purposes was really cool. This is the sort of thing you can study because as much as widescreen comics are rad, sometimes just confining your characters tightly in a shot in a small panel can have some cool other effects. I found I felt trapped with these guys, and that the time was moving really fast. Each page rips along, propelling you into the next, and as time keeps changing, and the colours are sometimes the only signifier that something is amiss – until the character exclaims aloud what just happened – you feel a little like you’re blindfolded on a rollercoaster. It’s a breathless experience, and the ~50 page count on the tale also help that as brevity is a horror tale’s secret weapon at times.

STATION 16 is definitely worth your time if you’re into tone in your comics. If you like a little experience that’ll grip you for a short time and make it feel like a long time. It’s also helpful if you dig a little meaning in your four colour funnies.

There’s a visual used in the book that is the hollowing out of eye sockets. People are being experimented on and that’s one of the things. The look alone is eerie and haunting but it’s something else about it that slowed me down and gave me thoughts. It makes the book feel like it’s about how your country can sometimes choose to wilfully blind you from the truth, and the fact they literally have the means to do so is ghastly. To have it done to you, to see it done to others, none of these are good things. To forcefully obscure is an invasive and atrocious act and this book shows it as such.

There’s something enveloping about this book, and the art is something to really take your time with, so definitely do yourself a favour and pick up the STATION 16 HC so your diet can break free of the usual dreck.

If still not convinced, apply this trailer below once, or twice, as needed.

HEADSPACE Interview Round Up

HEADSPACE #2 is up for preorder/subscription so I thought it might be a nice time to throw your peepers towards the interviews I did around the time of launch for #1. A lot of good sites took the time to chat with me about the book, its superb creative team, the influences behind it, and where/how I saw it playing out. I was especially pleased with so many fine questions thrown my way and I really try to ensure each interview feels fresh with its own vibe so stock answers don’t come out too often.


Have a click through, enjoy, share, preorder, talk about, subscribe, and have a great day.

Beard Rock“You can also expect gonzo monster fighting, terrifying corpses portenting bad things, and some of the saddest fatherhood themed stuff I’ve ever written.”

Geek Chocolate“The book operates across two layers of reality and deals with concepts of murder in society, fatherhood, and the roles of authority. It’s also a wacked out gonzo romp with a dragon in the first issue, one hell of a killer alligator, and layers of the mind of a killer slowly peeling open.”

The Beat“Yeah, I dig downbeat endings. I don’t even know why, I think it’s just that inevitability of it all. You see it coming but you can’t look away and you have to know how exactly it’ll go down. It brings out the extreme best and worst of characters.”

Pipedream Comics“I think deep down repeated childhood viewings of Inner Space must have helped and then decades of Philip K Dick warped this idea until Headspace spewed forth.”

ComicosityEric brings to life the Cove, in all it’s dank and depressing and gonzo glory, while Chris illustrates the real world, with beautiful colours from Marissa Louise.”

Multiversity“We place a lot of seeds in this first issue that bear fruit in later issues. I am relying on readers to pay attention.”

Forces of Geek“To call this Inception meets They Live will either delight or offend Ryan. Find out after the jump!”

Bloody Disgusting“The story takes place in the mind of a killer, and the killer’s mind is invading this safehaven. Things are not going to be pretty. His thoughts, fears, memories, everything are just pulsating over Carpenter Cove in waves we can’t even comprehend with modern science. The Cove is not going to be a nice place and putting Shane, a man who states in the opening sequence that he doesn’t believe in killing, against this murder and mayhem is truly going to test him and his stance.”

The Weekly Crisis“I’m not going to give a straight answer, no, but I will say more than one person already has called for a Gil spin off and I’d be lying if I didn’t say I want this to happen with all of my heart.”


Hope you dug all the info and tomfoolery. Head over to Comixology and preorder the second issue, or pick up the first for only 99c. You can found some review round ups with more superlatives here, and here.



What Is Best In Life? – 2013 Style

It’s always educational to reflect on the year you just imbibed. I have to admit, having a new baby (and it making two for the house) and scoring some larger writing gigs meant my pop culture intake was down a lot this year. I kept abreast of the best comics around but everything else suffered. Nonetheless, here’s some stuff I dug in 2013.

Top Comic – FATALE

I read the first 3 issues of this and then completely fell off. The singles I bought kept stacking up. The more I hadn’t read the more insurmountable it felt to catch back up, but I kept buying the floppies and I know I’d get there one day. And holy cats am I glad I did.

FATALE is the sort of comic that does what it does exactly as it should so if you want a crime horror comic then this is quite simply perfect for you. For my wheelhouse, this comic is king. I spent a sick day off work reading like 14 of these issues in a row and it was insane how good this book is. I’ve long been a fan of SLEEPER/CRIMINAL/INCOGNITO and this book ably joins the gang as a perennial favourite. Philips is just at the top of his game now where he’s stacking these panels densely and with intense purpose. The writing from Brubaker is airtight with every word feeling like it slipped from an aging paperback. The pacing and plot are great but there’s a tonne of little lines and moments that will stop you and inspire you. I wanted to go write for days straight after reading these issues.

I’ll also say, yeah, I dig this book more than SAGA. And I dig SAGA a lot but this book is just that touch more perfect, and more perfect for me.

Honourable Mentions

HAWKEYE – the top cape book right now (sans capes). This book does so many things right and it’s a process treasure trove.

THE MASSIVE – I love the singularity of this book, it’s like nothing else. The characters all pop, the art teams are so damn fine, and I’m liking the whole painting this story provides.

SEX CRIMINALS – I did not see this coming at all. This romance comic (and that’s what it is) is so damn real and beautiful. This should be the only Valentine’s Day present anyone ever needs again.

LOCKE & KEY – it finally ended and I’m so damn sad.

EAST OF WEST – another entry I was dubious about and yet caught up on the first trade’s worth of floppies and my oh my this book is tight. Hickman delivers a slew of simply amazing lines and Dragotta’s always been great.

ULTRANOVA – my favourite indie one-shot this year, Peterson and Ferrier drop a cerebral sci fi tale that stuck with me all damn year. Buy it on the cheap right here and thank me later!

HIGH CRIMES – the best Monkeybrain book by far this year, Moustafa and Sebela craft this beautiful and intricate character study amidst high altitude crime shenanigans. Also, possibly the best covers of the year.

FIVE GHOSTS – Man, this pulp massacre is just fun to read and so pretty to look at.

DAREDEVIL – Samnee and Waid brought me right back into the fold this year. Some great stories and always gorgeous.

THE WAKE – this is basically an action movie with solid characterisation and I’m digging these mermaids.

SAGA – it is a very good book, don’t you know?

STRANGE NATION – I know I write a column in it, but that doesn’t stop this book thoroughly entertaining me with every issue.

D4VE – only one issue dropped but it was so good. Ramon and Ferrier are doing a book like nothing else, and the sort of thing that should insta-open any door in the industry.

BLACK SCIENCE – I finished reading this and could see the problems with it and yet didn’t care because it was so much fun. I like fun comics.

Special Shout Out

FEAR AGENT LIBRARY EDITION VOL 1 – I finally read this beast and it was beyond brilliant. The art at that size is like nothing else. Remender feels really pure and raw in these pages. It’s pulp sci fi. There is every reason for me to love this book. I don’t even mind that Vol 2 keeps getting delayed. if it’s going to come out this good, I’m happy to wait.

Top Book – Fiction – JOYLAND

This tight pulp thriller from Stephen King through Hard Case Crime was better than I had expected. King is back on a high for me after the very very good 11.22.63 so I hoped for this and he really delivered. The overall plot isn’t too insanely intricate, and parts of the resolution do less than wow, but the craft with which King plans and executes his chapters is like a study of razor precision. There are many great lines in this book and that’s something I really appreciate now – someone who beyond plot knows how to use their words.

This also has me hoping for DOCTOR SLEEP to be good. I’m a fifth of the way in, and I’m enjoying it, and I’m such a fan of THE SHINING that it has to prove itself as good enough to exist so here’s hoping for the coming weeks/months.


This was a stellar read. I’m kind of the ideal audience as I love comics but also love the behind the scenes malarkey just as much but I cannot state enough how interesting some of the history of Marvel Comics really is. As someone who kind of knew some of this, and knows all the people and characters, this was a perfect read. Sean Howe did a very good job assembling this.


I’ll have to admit, I think these are the only two flicks I saw at the cinema this year. Admitting this makes me so sad. And while iron Man 3 might prove out to be the better film, I give this to PACIFIC RIM because it was just so enjoyable to watch. I haven’t felt that happy and in awe for a while so it made for a very rad night out. And sometimes I just want a flick to entertain me on the purest level. It’s like PREDATOR, brilliant because it entertains. This flick, the same thing. Though this screenplay was a touch more off in places (really off in some) but I could overlook the cheese and obvious set ups and logic holes just so I could get on with enjoying the show.

Honourable Mentions

IRON MAN 3 – a Shane Black cape flick that plays out exactly how you’d imagine such a flick to play out.


Really, how could there be anything else? This show is the great American novel written in front of us over 6 years. This show had the best writing of any and the character arcs were beyond anything else ever attempted and the writing offered it up but every single actor nailed it. The show ended on a perfect noir note. There will be little else this good in our future.

Honourable Mentions

HANNIBAL – this show is my selection to take up BREAKING BAD’s throne. Deft writing, creative cinematography, superb acting, and an end note that if they can stick it right in S2 will show the world this series is a true contender. And I wasn’t even going to watch this show because who the hell needed more Lecter in our lives? I humbly rescinded my first opinion and now cannot wait until February.

THE WALKING DEAD – I continue to enjoy this show.

Special Shout Outs

TERRIERS – whoo, boy, this show was built for me. I really hope it gets kickstarted one day VERONICA MARS style because that would be immense. I also wish it was a comic, and I could write it.

THE WIRE S4 – I finally watched this. It seems THE WIRE is taking me years to watch. But when I pop a season on, I shotgun the hell out of it. And this one was about teaching so it hit me very hard.


I discovered Spotify and my life has changed. Man, they have everything on there. So I’ve fiendishly been making playlists for projects but I also set up a list titled OST madness and it’s got a tonne of soundtracks on there, and first up is the ENTER THE DRAGON OST. It’s just great, for starters, but I also wrote a kung fu one-shot you’ll be seeing this year and the dna of this music is infused to its pulpy core.


This is a late entry but it’s kind of the perfect podcast for me. It’s not shilling, it’s just career talk, process chat, open words. Great creators come on and discuss how and where they started and then every step along the way to breaking in and staying in. It’s fascinating stuff. It’s like the best parts of Word Balloon, which I still love.

Honourable Mentions

NERDIST – with the right guest, this show is amazing.

NERDIST WRITER’S ROOM – I find I don’t even know half the names but it’s all writing process (mostly tv but it all rings true). They also now have a comics themed segment of eps on the pod, and it’s pretty good.

WORD BALLOON – always good, Siuntres knows how to do his job.

VODKA O’CLOCK – this gives smaller creators the chance to chat (myself included) and I like that view from the underground, plus Amber is a top host and superb person.

POP CULTURE HOUND – another great interview show, and they get a wide variety of good guests.

COMICS EXPERIENCE MAKE COMICS – this started on the iFanboy podcast and is now it’s own thing. Good, short, clear, snippets of process talk focusing on one section of the game at a time.

THE Q+A – film chat pod where Jeff Goldsmith asks all the right questions.

FATMAN ON BATMAN – when they have the right guest, and Smith doesn’t get in the way, this can go some really interesting places.


A late discovery but something that’s clearing up my head. It’s just making lists and you have the ability to tick off what you’ve done and it moves down but you can still see it all. You can also add due dates, this helps me not freak out too much. It’s also free, which means the world to me because I am cheap.

Honourable Mentions

ComiXology – gotta love the sales.

Zite – an intriguing media reading aggregating/personalising app that’s bringing me new content to read (when I ever have the time).

Coffitivity – this sounds like such a stupid app, but I kind of love it 😐

Dropbox – perfect for viewing the pretty art people send me on the fly.

Top Kid – My Second One


She is gorgeous, adorable, cute, insane, and constantly learning little things (tonight she played peek-a-book with her towel and my heart grew three sizes). The perfect person to round out our little family.

So, that’s been my 2013. I hope yours was just as rad 😀

Merry Marvel Xmas Mystery 2013

The following is a fun one-page comic exercise that I give as a present from me to you for a bloody brilliant 2013. It’s the first page of a Marvel Xmas mystery I would love to write. But, alas, there is no more of this story. Just enjoy the ambiance and imagine what could be…


click image to make bigger


Art by Robert Carey

Written by Ryan K Lindsay

Letters and Design by Nic J. Shaw


This page came about a few years back when I was tasked with writing a one-page comic about Santa Claus over at thoughtballoons (you can see it needed some beating up). The script always stuck with me because it was far too much fun to write, and because I always thought what came next was going to be really damn fun to write. Perhaps one day.

For now, enjoy, and merry xmas.

I’ll state it again, all of these characters are owned and copyright to Marvel Entertainment. I am not making any money off this publication nor trying to imply I have ownership or their right to make the page. This is just fun, I hope you agree.

Rainbow Dash One-Shot Sells in Top 100 for March 2013

rainbow dash sales

I am extremely happy to have a book sell in this position — and, yes, I know it has NOTHING to do with me. I’m still cool with that.

MY LITTLE PONY MICRO SERIES: RAINBOW DASH #2 landed in #91 for the sales charts for March 2013. It sold ~25,473 copies.

I am extremely excited to have a book land in the Top 100, though this is clearly because it’s a Pony book and I very deeply understand that. It doesn’t stop, however, the fact that it’s super exciting to see these sorts of numbers.

I also fuond it interesting to see what sold comparably. I’m honoured to be two places below DAREDEVIL: END OF DAYS and I noticed I’m two places ahead of James Tynion IV’s TALON. Let the rivalry begin, post haste.

Lastly, if you picked up a copy, thank you so very very much. I appreciate it insanely.

FATHERHOOD – 99c Digital Download on Challenger Comics

FATHERHOOD is now available digitally on Challenger Comics.

Go to Challenger Comics and for 99c get yourself a shiny DRM-free digital version of the one-shot book I have written. Daniel Schneider slays it on art, Paulina Ganucheau’s colours are off the charts, Brandon DeStefano’s letters are magnificent, and Christopher Kosek’s design work is THE best, hands down.

Just look at this cover, how could you possibly resist?


Download FATHERHOOD now!

The Round Stable Interview About Rainbow Dash

The Round Stable were good enough to chat with me about the MY LITTLE PONY MICRO SERIES: RAINBOW DASH one-shot I’ve written.

This chat was a load of fun and we get into the nuts and bolts of working on a licenced property and aligning with a tv show. Hit that link above to read it – and even see a rare photo of me. Gah.


As always, pre-ordering is just loving with more thought put into it.

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