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HEADSPACE Pre-Press Pin Ups and Quotes Part 1

I am considerably floored by the fantastic things people made and said in honour of the launch of our upcoming book at Monkeybrain, HEADSPACE.

We drop this Wednesday on ComiXology and so to boost moral in Carpenter Cove we commissioned this pin up by Brian – The Brothers James, Lazarus’ inks – Level. It’s intensely gorgeous.


Then we had some friends say some nice things about the book and they went out of their way to be super nice. The cover/quote fu comes from Chris Kosek. And I must say, these quotes are all really sweet and I dig every one of them, and I also dig the media they mention as touchstone points because they’re all really good.

headspace_A5_ad_final_4 headspace_A5_ad_final_3 headspace_A5_ad_final_2

headspace_A5_ad_final_1 headspace_A5_ad_final_5 headspace_A5_ad_final_06

And finally, we also got Marissa – our colourist supreme – Louise to do a pin up and the painterly sobriety she came up with floored me.


So, we launch in a few days. Keep your eyes peeled for more pics and words on the HEADSPACE tumblr and then feast upon our delicious hard work on Wednesday as soon as your iPeepers will allow.


HEADSPACE #1 Available on ComiXology for Preorder + Subscription

HEADSPACE is a comic by Eric Zawadzki, Chris Peterson, Marissa Louise, and myself coming out through Monkeybrain Comics on ComiXology.


Screenshot 2014-02-18 20.36.22

In the book, the inhabitants of Carpenter Cove discover their strange town is actually a construct in the mind of a killer. Shane, the sheriff, wants to get back to his real life but one dark connection between him and the killer is going to make him rethink everything.

This comic is a sci fi infused pulp thriller centring around two very emotional character arcs. There’s some crazy stuff going on in Carpenter Cove but it’s happening to some very real people. There’s also a robotic dog bartender named Gil. He’s rad.

The art by Eric Zawadzki – in the eponymous headspace – and then Chris Peterson/Marissa Louise – on inks/colours for the IRL sequence featuring Max the killer – is astoundingly sublime. The whole package was edited by Dan Hill, with a logo from Ryan Ferrier, and the back matter is designed gorgeously by Christopher Kosek.

The #1 issue comes out on Wednesday the 5th of March and it’s 22 pages of sequential narrative for only 99c, and there’s also the two pages of back matter where I prattle on for a bit about some stuff. There’s also this cover from Eric Zawadzki that’s just amazing:

Screenshot 2014-02-17 22.22.55

You can preorder the issue now on the ComiXology website so as soon as the book is available your iDevice will automatically start downloading the issue and have it waiting for you. No reason not to, really.

You should also know, every sale made on the ComiXology website cuts out the 33% bite out of profits Apple takes if you buy via the app on an iDevice (and I believe the Android platform takes a comparable wet bite out of the cashflow through their apps). So, the more sales we get via the site, the more money the creative team can share in. But if you can only purchase via the app, well, welcome to the family anyway, bud, there’s always room.

I should also let you know, while preordering this bad boy, you can also SUBSCRIBE to the series. This ensures every new issue downloads to your iDevice instantly, your money goes straight to us without being laundered through the Apple Laundromat, and a fairy from beyond will be granted its razor wings.

You can also head to the HEADSPACE dedicated web home at headspacecomic.tumblr.com where we’ll drop news, info, sneak peeks, process bombs, and general mindpoopery for your approval and edutainment.

This is the work of our career, no doubt about it, and we hope you dig it. Preorder to show your love, spread the link around because indie comics only survive if people talk about them, stay tuned for more teasers and fun for all in the coming fortnight as we prep for launch, and we hope you enjoy the ride.


I Hate Ed Brisson – Sheltered #6

SHELTERED from Johnnie Christmas, Shari Chankhamma, and Ed Brisson is a superb Image series about prepper kids gone wild. It’s vicious, brutal, emotional, and breathtaking all in equal bursts.

The most recent issue, #6, made me realise I hate Ed Brisson because he writes this issue, the start of the next arc, the continuation of the story, with a completely new situation, location, and cast. We only see Lucas for a handful of pages, the rest of the established narrative is ignored, and yet this issue shines.

Why does changing everything up work? Because these characters are heading towards Lucas and his group and the tension is palpable as the noose slowly tightens.

Brisson does this in two seemingly easy ways:

  • He uses time captions to show them slowly all drawing near to what we knew must be conflict. A ticking clock in narrative rarely reveals the pretty lady jumping out of the cake, it’s usually someone’s final minutes.
  • Brisson, and the whole team, bring these characters to life and make us care about them very quickly. Most of this is just small talk, a middle aged jock teasing a nerd (with some hilarious lines) and a family wishing their father didn’t have to leave (which is heartwrenching because your own assumed dramatic irony tells you they should really dial it up and stop him). This is all talking heads, literal kitchen sink drama, and it’s endearing to us so in the final moments of this issue you are completely invested. You are holding your breath, you are hoping and praying, you are in Brisson’s sweaty palm.

With these devices, Brisson shows us he can mix up this tale and still keep us completely glued. He’s basically changing the rules for this issue and getting away with it. How dare he.

Oh, and Brisson gets to work with Johnnie Christmas and Shari Chankhamma – a team that bring the characters to the page in a way that connects instantly to your heart. This is one of the best looking books running today.

If you haven’t bought Sheltered yet ask for it at your LCS, I guarantee they have copies, it’s been huge, or if you’re a digital person then hit this Sheltered ComiXology portal for all the issues so far.

NOTE: I write the back matter for this book. It’s a sweet gig graciously given to me by Mr Brisson and his generosity is only fuel to all the more passionately hate the man.

I Hate Ryan Ferrier – D4VE #2 Musings

Nearly a year ago I met Ryan Ferrier in person. We were all tabling together at ECCC in Seattle 2013 (him, me, Paul Allor, and Jeremy Holt) and I was right next to him. I spent three days standing there talking smack, selling comics, laughing, musing, planning, and generally having a very rad weekend.

And I see now what Ferrier was doing – he was slowly killing me from the inside with his charm.

But he’s so charming that I ignored it.

And now, with the release today of D4VE #2 by Ferrier and Valentin Ramon, I finally see through his charming and handsome guise and I realise the true heart of my feelings: I HATE RYAN FERRIER.

He leaves me no choices, really. I mean, have you read D4VE #2? If not, damn, click here and purchase your very own copy on ComiXology. Get the first one, too, if you were silly enough to miss it.

Now that you’ve read it, you see, don’t you? You see why I must hate Ryan Ferrier.

How the hell else am I supposed to feel about a guy with this much talent? In the Highlander world of breaking into comics, his quickening could level worlds, liquefy faces, and explode hearts. I’ve read all books Ferrier, and I’ve dug them all. But D4VE #2, man, this comic was the last straw. Do you need me to list why?

  • Who the hell writes a #2 issue that’s actually better than the #1 issue? Especially when the #1 issue was damn good.
  • Who the hell can write comics so funny you literally laugh out loud? Ferrier’s brand of wit and smut and charm are like nothing else on the stands or the tablets. This quality of humour is the real deal and in this issue there are numerous, I’m talking more than one hand, times where I laughed with insane glee.
  • Who the hell would think to write a last page as rad as that? Seriously, that sort of page is a contender for best moment of the year, surely.
  • Who the hell could humanise a bloody robot so well? Or write a hilarious comic that also has heart and major action scenes? WHO?

In total, I’m done with this Ferrier writer who does nothing but make me feel bad about myself. I am done with him.

Until D4VE #3 comes out because holy cats I cannot wait to stuff this issue into my peepers – SQUUUEEEEEEEE!


NOTE: I don’t actually hate Ryan Ferrier. In case you couldn’t read my tone in this post. I count him as a mate, a confidant, an eLover, and a guy who when I think about his writing and career he makes me realise good things happen to great people, nice guys finish first, and that you can have talent without pretension or ego.

He’s the man/writer I wish I could be and I love having a benchmark to make me reach higher.

Thank you Mr Ferrier, for D4VE #2, and for everything.

STRANGE NATION #3 Out – with RKL Back Matter

STRANGE NATION #3 is available on ComiXology right now. For 99c get this great issue from Juan Romera + Paul Allor in a series that’s one of my current favourites. And if you haven’t caught up, all issues are 99c so you can get into it cheaply and easily.

You can also enjoy another column of HIGH LITERATURE & LOW MONSTERS by me where I discuss some key American icons from the past and their pulp portrayal in pop culture. This essay was a real blast to research and write so go check it out, too.

HL+LM Masthead


As always, if you are buying digital know that buying directly from the site, and not via an app, bypasses the 1/3 bite Apple takes from all sales and puts more money into the creators hands. You can find STRANGE NATION on the ComiXology site right here.

Ghost Town #4 Out Now







GHOST TOWN #4 is out this week – you can buy it for 99c on ComiXology right now!

This issue brings to a close my 3 issue arc with Daniel J Logan and Brian V Dyck which ran from issues #2-4. The arc, Godfathers & Daughters, was a lot of fun to write and seeing Daniel and Brian bring it all to life was spectacular. I felt like we did good work on this conclusion to what is just the start of Nate Lawson’s story. What comes next, and I hope we get to tell all of it, is all built upon the final pages of this issue. We break the man here and will analyse the pieces later.




To those of you who have been reading GHOST TOWN, I want to thank you. I know it’s hard to diversify your pull list every week, hard to find all the money for all the good books out there, and your time and kind words have been fantastic. I hope you’ve enjoyed this arc and that you’ll come see the other books I’ve got cooking up for 2014.

As always, remember to remind your LCS if you like these smaller titles, and if you are buying digital know that buying directly from the site, and not via an app, bypasses the 1/3 bite Apple takes from all sales and puts more money into the creators hands. You can find Ghost Town on the ComiXology site right here.

It’s been a pleasure having 3 issues to tell this part of Nate’s story and I cannot thank Daniel and Brian enough for dropping bombs, and Dave Dwonch for bringing me aboard and helping me tell this tale, and Rob Ruddell for creating the premise in the first place. This has been fun, let’s do it again some time.


GHOST TOWN #2 on ComiXology

GHOST TOWN #2 – the intro issue from Daniel J Logan and I on the title that kickstarts our opening 3 issue storyline – has hit ComiXology and you can get it here. If your LCS sold out or you didn’t get one put away in the rush, this is the perfect way to jump on.


You can also pick up #1 – by Justin Greenwood and Dave Dwonch – which is the standalone intro issue to the whole shebang, for just 99c. In fact, right now, both issues are 99c so dip into our world for under two bucks and thank me later – GHOST TOWN on ComiXology

MLP SALE on ComiXology – 99c Issues

ComiXology currently has a 99c sale on the MLP issues from IDW. This means you can buy the Rainbow Dash one-shot from me and Tony Fleecs, it’s guaranteed to lift your spirits.

You’ll see the sale link on the front page of ComiXology.


That’ll take you to the sales page. I’d advise you trying out the main title, too. It’s high quality.


Below that is the sale continued with the Micro Series one-shots. They’re all good but that #2 is a killer 😉


Click on our issue for Rainbow Dash and you can purchase this 22 page masterpiece of all ages madness for just 99c. It is something that was amazingly fun to write and Tony smashes these pages out of the park with bright pop fun and storytelling craft like you dream about from a collaborator.


As you can see, once you’ve purchased it you can also drop a star rating in there. It’s sitting on 4 stars right now, which I’m hugely happy with and humbled by, so if you want to add your thoughts on the issue that would be cool.

As always, if you buy from the ComiXology web page and then download onto your devices, more of the money goes to the people who made the book so think about purchasing that way.

PONY ON. And enjoy.

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