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Crime Factory is a superb online crime mag you have to get down on.
CF 17 just went live. Do it.

I wrote an article in it about FLETCH the movie and the way it mashes up crime and comedy in this perfect weird blend.

T’was truly a blast to write and I think you’d dig it.
No, not you, the one in the back. “You, there! Why don’t you ever comment or share the link? You are here every week, I assume you have reasons, yes? Oh, no. Oh…well then, good day, sir.”

Pink Factory Lives!

PINK FACTORY is an all-smut adults-only NSFW magazine published through Crime Factory. Let’s get that straight, this is not for kids. You should be 18 to read this mag, okay? This is a magazine, so articles and stories, not straight up smut but it’s so smeared in smut and all that good stuff that you really need to be prepared for it.

Right, so with that in mind…

pink factory cover

“Trapped by Sexuality: The Downfall of Matty Walker in BODY HEAT” is an article I wrote for this issue and it looks at the standard noir accoutrement of sexuality but how BODY HEAT kind of flips it so instead of a tool, it’s a trap, and not just for the witless sap caught in the femme’s web. I’m really proud of the article, and I looove BODY HEAT, so this is something I really wanted to do and love that is now out there.

You can buy the book on the CRIME FACTORY site for a song.

You can also tell all your friends about it.

Then you can really just look at the contents page shaped like a peen and the real history of bukkake article and totally know this magazine was the best purchase of your week.

I hope you dig, responsibly.

LEE – A Prose Anthology About Lee Marvin

Seriously, what a killer concept. A book of short stories about a fictional life of Lee Marvin. As soon as I heard about this stupendously thought out offering from Crime Factory, I knew I was in. It’s just too rad to be missed. But then to have the opportunity to also have a short story in there, whoa, man, hell yes, please. A murder of fine crime writers contribute stories from Lee’s youth to his storied movie career. This is one hell of a gonzo trip.

I wrote “And The Gunslinger Followed“, a tale of old man Lee Marvin racing against the devil. It was a pulpy mess to write.

LEE – buy the paperback through Crime Factory now for $15 +postage.

Also, enjoy the cover for the rest of your life.

lee cover


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