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Sequential App Sale – Top 10 Things to Find and Imbibe

The SEQUENTIAL app [you can find it in the App store, and browse the books here [LINK]] is a new digital comic reader [well, new to my peepers] and they seem to be peddling in ‘smart’ books, non-Big Two books, funky stuff, fresh jams, the pages  you sometimes won’t find elsewhere, so there’s Dark Horse, Fantagraphics, Top Shelf, Myriad, IDW, and more.

Right now they’ve got this rad summer sale rocking [it ends August 1, so don’t delay] and I took a peep to see what’s up and I think there’s some cool stuff you’ll wanna get down on so here’s a little list of recs for you to hunt out there in the pixelated wild.

DISCLOSURE: Yeah, this is a shill for the app, but I completely would not do it unless I believed it.


  • Corpse on the Imjin

A reprinting of some sublime Harvey Kurtzman work from TWO FISTED TALES and FRONTLINE COMBAT, this is just prescribed stuff, really. Well, in my EC-centric world, it’s on the syllabus. Enjoy.

  • The Underwater Welder

Jeff Lemire’s best work? Quite possibly as this Twilight Zone style almost-fable is smart, gorgeous, and utterly perfect.

  • Sin Titulo

Cameron Stewart once did a webcomic and it was the best thing ever. It’s horror, and it’s front end loaded so you have no idea, but if you feel me on VIDEODROME then you should follow me into this wild world. It’s completely worth it.

  • Hook Jaw

Now, I haven’t actually read this one, hadn’t even heard of it, but Pat Mills does this and it’s about a shark attacking people and it sounds like a bloody ripper.

  • Green River Killer

This documentary comic [docomic?] about the Green River Killer is very much in that Oliver Stone vein of JFK, and even Fincher’s Zodiac, and I reference those because they are texts about their content but also thoroughly gripping, much like this book.

  • DKW: Ditko, Kirby, Wood

An homage to those three names. Enjoy.

  • The Fifth Beatle

I was prepared for this book to not come near the hype but over a long plane flight [well, two of them, actually, this is a tome] I fell deeper in love with Andrew Robinson’s art, and this book will hook you in hardcore.

  • Hellboy in Hell

A masterclass of storytelling, plain and simple. Even if you know nothing of Hellboy, hell, if you hate the chaarcter, there’s still so much learning to take from Mignola’s pages. On the syllabus it goes.

  • Richard Stark’s Parker – The Outfit

Darwyn Cooke’s series of Parker novel adaptations are all on point, get down on any of the 4, but this one miiiiight be my favourite. It’s loose, warped, intriguing, interesting – and that’s just the style of storytelling, then there’s the actual story.

  • Thumbprint

An adaptation of a Joe Hill short story by Jason Ciaramella with Vic Malhotra art. Yeah, this is good stuff you might have missed.

Sooo, those are some of the sale items I heartily recommend you scope out. Beyond that, there’s Sin City, ApocalyptiGirl, a tonne of BPRD, Essex County, and I’m keen to finally try TEOTFW. But, hell, there’s so many more. Get the app, dig in, seriously, this is the ‘other’ app you need on your reader next to the ComiXology and Dark Horse readers.

Here’s the link to the sale [LINK] and hit me up if you dig any books and think I should drop the coin while the sale lasts.

Free Comics from Tomorrow’s Creators

I dig free things. I dig comics. When I find free comics, I dig like I’m headed for China.

But, and here’s the rub, I find that people talk about all comics upon release and then kind of never again. Whether it’s amazing, woeful, high end format, or free, everything lasts for about 7 minutes and then gets washed away in a sea of tweets and likes. And I guess this is the way of the world but we live in, a time where some of my favourite new creators are making names for themselves and rightfully getting paid for it so I thought I’d point my wayback spotlight on some of their old, free, amazing work. Here are just some samples of free online comics that will blow your hair back. I think you’ll get out your shovel and start to dig with each link clicked. Enjoy.

Ryan Ferrier

Yep, I still hate Ryan Ferrier. Digging through his free four colours and I realise how goddamn good he is. Some of these are some of my favourite things ever.

SOUTHPAW – goddamn this is a good boxing noir tale. And I’m writing my own right now and I know I’ll always run second to this (second if I’m lucky). Bah. Plus, y’know, Kevin Zeigler and Neil Lalonde make one hell of an art team. I had the privilege to read the script for this before it was made and I instantly knew it was gold. The completed story only further went on to crush my soul.

GODDESS – this short is stellar and should not be missed. Ferrier and Hugo Petrus craft this weird eco-battle-hymn that’s disastrously operatic and feels like when you first read Swamp Thing by Moore/Totleben/Bissette.

TEAM GOLD FORCE 4 – so silly and yet so well crafted. There is literally no reason why a Golden Girls prequel fanfic comic should be this enjoyable but Ferrier and Felipe Torrent smash this.

Paul Allor

CLOCKWORK – a masterclass of 5 page shorts, and how to break into the game. Start small, write tight narratives to prove you can close. Enlist artists who can fit 5 pages into their schedule. Package it all together, hand out, but also make available online for free. The name of the game is exposure and profits aren’t in the vocab yet. Paul did great work here on many of these shorts, so click the link, incept yourself, and getting writing.

Louie Joyce

Louie has been my co-pilot on a few shorts, most notably THE MANY HAROLD HOLTS OF SPACE AND TIME, and he’s got his own spectacularly innovative and beautiful online comics floating around. Scope this stuff and spread it around, then get lost down the sketch dump that is his site: Louie’s site.

A LIFE IN THE CITY – holy cats, this thing is so damn fine. A side scroller, you really need to see it to believe it.

THE CORNER STORE – another side scroller and by now, you’ll all believe Louie is the second coming. Hint: he’s better than that.

Eric Zawadzki

My HEADSPACE spirit guide and life partner has a slew of pages available online for free and they are all gorgeous. Get in now so you can say you knew him way back when.

THE GHOST ENGINE – I love this complete graphic novel from Zawadzki and Dany Djeljosevic. It’s well written, looks top notch, and it’s a complete story. I hope they kickstart a collection one day because I want it for my shelf.

THE HARVEST – This is a short with Ed Brisson on the Challenger Comics site. It looks all funky and will make your skin crawl.

Dan Hill

A trusted friend, my editor on HEADSPACE (and other things), and a writer I admire. Dan understands story, and process, and the fact we all need to keep learning. He’s a zen master of process fu. He’s also a superb guy.

COME WITH ME – this tale is nuts, just like the creative team. Invest in the fractured narrative, enjoy the flow, figure it all out as it happens.

FLESH AND BLOOD – this grimy Viking tale is just fantastic. Ripe with tone and nasty intent, you’ll dig this slice of black heart on display.

Rob Harrington

Some days I wake up wondering why I don’t have more Rob Harrington books in my life. The man writes a hell of a page.

CLOWN FIGHT – this story is just about perfection. Deliciously funny, twisted, awesome, and so well paced. You need to read this.

RAINBOWBEARD – this short on the Challenger Comics site is well put together and thought out. Download the PDF now.

Ed Brisson

Yep, dollah sign Briss makes the list. Before tearing up Image books, Marvel crossovers, and every franchise taken from tv, Ed was pumping out his own product and quietly proving himself a master of the form. His Murder Books are the template for how many are doing the game of breaking in. Ed never asked permission, he just made his own damn comics and what crime masterpieces they are. Ed sold them at cons, kickstarted their asses (because IndieGogo’ed ’em doesn’t sound as boss), and he was also wise enough to put them all up online for free because he too knew the power of having work available for hungry peepers. Give ’em a taste now for free and they’re hooked for life later on.

MURDER BOOK – every single one of these chilling stories will stick with you. Also, look at those artist names and tell me they aren’t all now titans in the field. Ed knows how to spot talent. Start with this link, the first tale, and then follow the rabbit hole down with the rest of the stories. You will not regret this.

Nic J. Shaw

ACTION JOHNSON – Nic’s another guy doing it smart. He’s a letterer, so he’s meeting loads of rad artists, and he’s writing some very cool stuff on the side. This whole Action Johnson character/schtick pleases me, and the artists he’s bringing on for these affordable and sensible 5 pagers are amazing. Stay tuned for more because it’s most certainly coming.

Jesse Young

FORBIDDEN LOVE – dear lord, Arytom Trakhanov’s art is drop dead stunning. This short packs a short punch and is well paced out using panels and colours and gutters superbly well – click through for making the beast with two backs and two spurs, Western style.

THE DARING ADVENTURES OF ANDROID JONES – another fun ongoing character, a pulp sci fi adventurer, with Ryan Cody art. Dig. And dig some more.

Ryan K Lindsay

Yep, I even get in on the action. And I’m proud of this story.

SURVIVOR – a terrible sci fi tale that’s actually about fatherhood…which you probably saw coming.

CAPTAIN HUMAN THE ROBOTALL AGES EDIT / AFTER HOURS EDIT – this whacked out jam comic i did with Jin Chan Yum Wai is some of the only comedic stuff I’ve ever done and I’m happy with both versions of this tale where the art is exactly the same but I wrote two completely different scripts over it. Hopefully, if things align, there will be more of this one day.


So these are just some online free comics you can get your peepers into. I will admit, I haven’t scoured the entire internet for every single one, I’ve mostly included mates, and things I knew about already and had at hand. I am also running little sleep, swamped at the day job, so please don’t be offended if I’ve missed YOUR free shorts 🙂

If you know where any more free online funnies reside, drop them in the comments below, and share everything you like, and tell the creators, they’ll love you for it. Then go buy work by these creators if you dug their free stuff, because we’re all making other things and working hard to shake our four colour money maker for your pleasure.

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