Opening Contract – Marvel Premiere #15

Over at the Weekly Crisis, I join Dan Hill on his Opening Contract column and discuss the first panel of Marvel Premiere #15 which is also the first appearance of Iron Fist. We discuss floating heads, non-diagetic splash pages, how much fu you can handle, and Pretty Slippers And Capri Pants With A Saucy Pose – My Life in Green by Danny Rand, ha.
Opening Contract – Marvel Premiere #15 — read it with your eyes.

Also, for those who don’t know, Opening Contract is one of my favourite columns on the internet where Dan Hill takes an opening panel from an issue and dissects it with erudite aplomb. It’s superb reading and you should mainline all of there right here, right now.
I hope you dug the discussion, and that you dig Danny Rand, and we’ll see you next time.