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Besides maybe 10k and 1mil, there’s only one twitter follower milestone I care about. 1982.

The year of my birth, my spirit number, this is the promised land.


I’ve never been one to set a specific follower goal and goad people into getting there falsely so instead I wanted to organically celebrate this one highlight with you. So, for me hitting 1982 followers, please accept the following process swag:

I gift to you, the script to my one-shot FATHERHOOD and see how I communicated myself to Daniel Schneider and Paulina Ganucheau. You can buy the comic through ComiXology here, or as a PDF at Challenger Comics here.

Download: Fatherhood noir – Draft 5 – Jan 2013

I also gift to you a script to the best short story I have written thus far, trip into the mine shaft that is THE MANY HAROLD HOLTS OF SPACE AND TIME and see the love letter I penned for Louie Joyce. You can scope the finished tale in the HBVB Anthology here.

Download: Harold Holt – Draft 2 – August 2013

I hope you dig the scripts, maybe get a process tip out of them, and if you dig them share them around. There aren’t enough comic scripts available for download, especially because they are all so different, so I aim to be the change I wish to see in the world.


Jetpack Communism T-Shirt for HBVB Anthology

The Jetpack Communism t-shirt drawn and designed by Louie Joyce based on a character created by us in our short ‘The Many Harold Holts of Space and Time’ – who is a future Russian jetpack adventurer version of former Australian Prime Minister Harold Holt – is being crowd funded on teespring.com to aid in printing the first issue of the Home Brew Vampire Bullets anthology on olde timey paper, as well as to just give you something rad to wear and enjoy. It’s only $25 and is on good quality shirt stock.


I don’t feel like a creator who can/could/would/should develop much merch but this tee is just too fine, and it’s for a grand cause. For the shirt to become a reality, we need just 30 sales – and we’re already a third there with over half the campaign left to go.

If you dig quality tees, this is one hell of a cracking shirt and it’ll help us push some paper copies of this anthology beast into hands at conventions in coming months.

I’d appreciate it if you could step up for the cause and treat yourself to Louie’s insane shirt creation fu.

Thank you.

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