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I Told Them About My D&D Character

There’s an amazing podcast called ‘Tell Me About Your D&D Character’ and I was lucky enough to get my voice on there to bang on about why I love D&D so much, why I teach it in school, and who my dwarf ranger, Egil Frostwalker, really is.




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I love having a really good loose chat about stuff and this one’s a real banger. It opens with some pandemic thoughts, segues into the good stuff, and then doesn’t let go. Good for some laughs, good for some thoughts, I hope you dig it.


BEAUTIFUL CANVAS Digital Ashcan Preview

BEAUTIFUL CANVAS lands on shelves in two months, and Sami Kivelä and I are so passionate about this book that we have made a Digital Ashcan Preview for everyone to download completely for free.


This PDF is no fool’s gold, either, because it’s 32 pages of everything you need in order to hook you and leave you knowing you need this comic in your life.

  • We are giving away 1/3 of of the first issue for free in these 7 preview pages
  • We have included the script pages for those pages
  • Sami has laid out some thumbnail/pencil/ink comparisons for key pages
  • I’ve written an essay about why BC matters to me
  • And a few other cheeky little extras.

Download the ashcan directly to your tablet and read the good word straight away – and then, if you haven’t already, we’d really appreciate you contacting your local comic shop and preordering the comic because we truly believe in this book and want to see it land in as many appreciative hands as possible.

BEAUTIFUL CANVAS is a 4 issue mini through Black Mask Studios, illustrated by Sami Kivelä, coloured by Triona Farrell, lettered by Ryan Ferrier, edited by Dan Hill, and written by me, Ryan K Lindsay – and it’s the best work we’ve ever done.

And if you need a touch more to sway you towards our gonzo pulp comic…

Listen to THE CRYSTAL PLUMAGE – a podcast wherein I discuss the book and hopefully convince/charm/swindle you into laying down a preorder for this comic.

The Initial Order Cutoff is April 27, so preorder before then so your LCS gets the best price on the book and can ensure they’ll have a copy for you.

You can preorder whichever of the two covers you like:

Preorder the Sami Kivelä Cover A with order code APR171370

Preorder the Christian Ward Cover B – order code APR171371

What is Best in Life? – 2015 Edition

2015, I believed.


DEADLY CLASS by Wes Craig and Rick Remender

Just loved every single panel in this crazy messed up book. It’s a wild idea, wrapped up by a wide array of intriguing characters, in a $10 intro trade, with some of the most nuanced and superb comic making I’ve seen in a while. Just an utter joy to behold – well, in a sense of how it is made…most of the actual narrative is as bleak as leftover coffee the next morning.



Just the best in show for everything, really. This year was S3 and it closed out the show and did it so masterfully that I’m still in awe. This is one of the few things I just keep bringing up to people and gushing to them about. It’s a show I want to share because it represents so many things about storytelling I love, and I wish I could do.

I’d love more seasons but I also love how tight and wonderfully this is all stitched up. This year, everything else paled in comparison.



And I mean hands down, best flick of the year. I crazy loved the idea but the execution was better. With a simple narrative throughline, they then explore emotions in such a deliberate and delightful way that my 5yo man dug it but I was floored by it. I cried twice in the damn flick and then when I got home and tried to explain it to the wife I started tearing up again. She thought I must’ve had a stroke. So good, and who knew we needed HERMAN’S HEAD the kid adaptation so bad?



Yes, a new Sarah Blasko album dropped and she’s still amazing. ETERNAL RETURN has fuelled some words in the last few months.



Every time I listen to this podcast about using Kickstarter for making comics it inspires me to make some more comics. I just get the fire in the gut again. You need to have that fire, and stoke it, and shift it, and kick it, if you’re going to survive this stupid ride we repeat again and again making comics.

The ComixLaunch podcast is just gasoline all up in my bonfire of life. I was also on an ep, dig it, it’s all about kickstarting DEER EDITOR and doing a digital only campaign from Australia [LINK]



This ebook was like two bucks or something stupid and it was a tight, short, very interesting read. And I’m finding it hard to hang on to novels because they are taking me crazy amounts of time to get through so short novella stuff is just right and this book was aces [LINK]

Are there other best things from this year I should be considering? No app jumped out at me this year, and no way could I single out all the cool art I’ve been able to scope in my travels with collaborators, so I think this is it.

2015 was a building block year, and it built in me patience. Hopefully I can use it to calmly slaughter 2016.

Riding Success Waves, Learning Lessons, and Why We Create: Favreau TruthBombs

Was listening to the Nerdist Podcast with Jon Favreau on it and it’s a superb listen as Favreau talks about craft and comedy and career growth as a creator. Truly fascinating insights and one caught me and really rattled me in all the right ways.

Favreau talks of his career and how he’s had his flops. He’s certainly had his high points – making SWINGERS and IRON MAN will hurt no one’s career – but he’s also made ZATHURA and COWBOYS AND ALIENS and those didn’t set much alight. So he talks about these low points and he says at least he learnt from them. At least they still helped him get to where he would go next. You could probably argue Favreau doesn’t get IRON MAN without making ZATHURA. And you can chart his career and show an always upward trend.

This got me to thinking about making comics. In my head, I want everything to be better than the last thing I do. I don’t want to falter and make a misstep. But maybe those missteps are going to happen and it’s not the end of the world. Maybe you need to try things and fail but learn from it all. Maybe it’s all going to be okay.

I don’t know, it was comforting to know that the guy who launched the Marvel Cinematic Universe into the stratospheric success it is did a dud after it, and is fine with that, and he gets back up and keeps on rocking. And will keep on rocking onwards and upwards for a long time coming.

It’s important to realise not everything you do will be great, and not everything will land well (or as well as you want it to), and that so long as you are generally trending up while also taking risks, then you’re probably doing it right.

Oh, he also says one really important thing:

Favreau talks about wanting to be happy with what he does. Because he creates because it makes him happy. That’s a real key point. If you aren’t enjoying it, then maybe stop. And if you want to keep enjoying it, do stuff that will make you happy.

Seems simple, yet is always so evasive.

I know all the comics I’m making right now make me extremely happy. Here’s to only doing that moving forward, flop or not, let’s learn and make more and eventually not suck at all (much).

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