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The Process Podcast with Joe Mulvey about SCAM

The Process podcast isn’t really back, it’s just electrified by the juice of Joe Mulvey’s creative flow for this one special episode.

I chat to Joe Mulvey about SCAM, its Kickstarter, the SCAMthology, life, love, and all things creative – go have a listen.

Joe’s a good man and I had fun shooting the breeze with him. I’m honoured to be in the SCAMthology and there’s plenty of time to still back the Kickstarter campaign, so go check all the links out.

Also, a huge thanks to Comics Addiction for hosting the podcast, DeWayne Feenstra for recording and editing with such fine skill, and you for listening to it.



SCAM Ultimate HC Kickstarter is LIVE!

TheĀ SCAM Ultimate HC Kickstarter is live right now.


Joe Mulvey, the artist/author of the miniseries from ComixTribe, has brought a fun heist series about con men with superpowers in Vegas. It’s like the X-Men meets Ocean’s Eleven.

The HC on offer here collects the entire miniseries in a HC supplemented by the entire SCAMthology of shorts by a death row of talent and rogues (Paul Allor, Jason Ciaramella, John Lees, Nick Pitarra, Joe Eisma, etc). It’s a hell of a deal and ComixTribe always put together sublime little packages so you know the product will look amazing.

Within the SCAMthology, I have a short with Adam Masterman titled THREE CAR MONTE. It’s a car chase adrenaline rush with a kick of an end.

You can go to the Kickstarter here.

You can like the SCAM Facebook page here.

And you can even read my THREE CAR MONTE tale right here, FOR FREE!

Back the project, spread the word, enjoy the scam.

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