DEER EDITOR – 100% Funded – Onto Stretch Goals

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Aw, yeah, we got there. And in 24 hours, to boot.

And we are still going. Cannot thank you enough for the RTs and water cooler chatter and your hard earned money slapped down for a product we believe in.

Now, what next? Well, no reason to close up shop and go sip mint juleps in the shade just yet. Let’s roll out some rad STRETCH GOALS!

For those uncertain, a stretch goal is something I promise to do or give if we hit further funding goals. The idea being, we’ll all be keen to see these things happen so we’ll lay out crab pots and snare more backers for the campaign. Right, now that we’re on the same page, here are the Deer Editor 2014–


ALS thumbnail by sPae
ALS thumbnail by sPae

$1250 – PITCH PROCESS – get a free download of a pitch I did for A LOVE SUPREME, a book about a Doctor Strange type hero who is defeated in battle but uses the power of love to save her consciousness and insert it into the mind of her boyfriend with him. Then, four months later, they break up, and she’s still stuck in there.

This download is aimed at those process junkie types who wonder how to assemble and structure a pitch. Which can be hard when you can’t find many to look at, so here will be the whole thing.

$1500 – COMIXTRIBE SAMPLERS – I wrote short stories for the OXYMORON and SCAMthology shorts at ComixTribe and you can get handy DRM-free PDF downloads of both stories, one with Daniel J Logan art, the other with Adam Masterman art.

$2000 – GET LOVESICK – a while back I got to place a 5 page comic short into the back of an Image comic. The short was LOVESICK – with Daniel J Logan art, Jordie Bellaire colours, and Ed Brisson letters – and it ran in the back of GRIM LEAPER #2 by Aluisio Santos and Kurtis J Wiebe. It’s a nasty short many wouldn’t have seen before, so I’m dropping it here as a bobbing lure of a DRM-free PDF download.

$2500 – ANTLER PROSE – if we hit this goal, I’ll add a short prose story to the BROADSHEET PDF (yes, I wrote prose, too, I’ve even been published by Crime Factory). I’ll be sure to make the short nasty twisted fun.

$3000 – CURRICULUM #1 – I’ve been busy squirrelling away at a new property called CURRICULUM, along with my writer’s room of Dan Hill, Ben Rosenthal, Grant McLaughlin, and Danny Djeljosevic the Destroyer, and artists like Sami Kivela, Daniel J Logan, Elsa Charretier, Bryan Coyle, and more. It’s a tablet page sci fi periodical about an intergalactic class that ends up lost on the other side of the universe and must find their way back. The first issue is written by me, illustrated by Sami Kivela, coloured by Marissa Louise, and lettered by Nic J. Shaw. If we hit $2.5k I’ll give it out as a DRM-free PDF download – which means you’ll get the first issue well before the title actually launches.

Yep, that’ll get us started. Help us out, spread the word, and let’s see what magic we can weave.