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ymmv .17 – Exhaustion

I’ve been seeing some pics getting around the internet about exhaustion and how we need to all chill and take care of ourselves and I’m totally down for that, but I also need to be getting things done. Safe balances must be found so I delve into why sometimes, well, exhaustion is just going to happen as you follow your dream.

ymmv .17 – Exhaustion – Live on Loser City right now – LINK

Also, forgot to post up about ymmv .16 but it was about writing things outside of comics to lift your over words and stuff game. It be good post bout words. N-joi.

ymmv .16 – Don’t Only Write Comics – Live on Loser City from like 2 weeks ago – LINK

ymmv .15 – Writing the Love of your Life

The latest ymmv is up and it’s an ode to DEER EDITOR and why sometimes you should just write what you love. Because that passion will shine through, and maybe even rub off, and you’ll feel happier for it all.

I mean, c’mon, who knew a story about a deer journalist fighting mayoral corruption and then facing vampires would be a Kickstarter success twice? It’s only through force of will that anyone cares about this dumb idea, I’m sure, and I’d like to think my passion behind it, my crazy love, makes people believe it’ll live up. It also keeps me working really hard on it, in weird ways, to keep it afloat and support it and make it a reality.

READ ymmv .15 – Writing the Love of your Life – LINK

I honestly believe that writing something you are dying in love with is important and also so damn good.

And if you believe in this as much as you will believe in antler noir then hit the latest DEER EDITOR Kickstarter [LINK] – for just $1 got the 48 tablet page comic, or level up to get the previous issue also for a buck, or an audio commentary, or some OG Sami Kivelä art.

ymmv .13 – I Haven’t Written a Goddamn Thing

One month down and I haven’t written a damn thing.

Well, that’s what it feels like anyway. I didn’t actually script a full page of comics in January, which makes me feel icky and lazy and stupid and crazy. But I have been writing.

ymmv .13 – I Haven’t Written a Goddamn Thing [LINK]

This column is the sort of thing I didn’t think I’d be writing. It’s a peek into perceived failures, and also what the role of a writer really is. It’s not even something I like to think about because I love scripting and all the rest can feel like work sometimes.

I guess writing is a job and not some creative job where I ride a unicorn to my rainbow office in the sky.

ymmv .12 – #366stories

I’ve been writing down a story idea a day for every day so far in 2016 and it’s one of the craziest and wildest and most fun resolutions I’ve ever made. It’s also getting me to pump out a tonne of dreck, so that’s fun too. I wrote about it in the latest ymmv over at Loser City so I could boil down how the process is working, why it matters, and what I came up with in the first 10 attempts.

ymmv .12 – #366stories [LINK]

This column is a fair bit of a process insight, which was fun, and I hope you get something out of it, and maybe you’re even doing the #366stories thing on your own, and if so then it’s hats off to you, lemme know how it goes for you.


ymmv .011 – Top 10 Writing Swipes from the Books of 2015

I didn’t want to do a best of list [too subjective] and writing about my favourite 10 books of 2015 just seemed like a snoozefest [because it is one] so instead, in the flavour of the column, I wrote about 10 books from 2015 that I would wish to steal something from in my quest to make better comics. As such, I now present to you, for your consideration:

ymmv .011 – Top 10 Writing Swipes from the Books of 2015 [LINK]

If you read these books, then maybe you’ve already done some tracing from them, and if there’s something you haven’t yet dug down on , well, have at it with my Stamp of Approval.

Or if you think swiping is for losers, well, you’re probably right. I’ll just see myself out then.

ymmv .08 – Writing Something That Goddamn Matters

I’m proselytising from my high horse, wearing my high hat, once again. It must be the second Tuesday.

ymmv .08 – Write Something That Goddamn Matters [LINK]

In which I discuss how the recent AIRBOY and TOKYO GHOST are books about things and how you should try to sometimes write stories that have a core that’s about something. And something that’s actually important.

I’m still working on doing this myself, but this isn’t a ‘do as I say and do column, this is just me blathering. Hey, like I said, ymmv.

ymmv .04 – Opening Panels

What’s the best opening panel you ever created for an issue?

Why? What is that panel doing?

I wrote about opening panels at Loser City for my column, ymmv, and I analysed my own stuff to see what I’m doing, why, and if it’s working.

ymmv .04 – Opening Panels [LINK]


The idea of the opening panel as the opening contract with the reader fascinates me. So, what can you do with an opening panel? I dive into a few different ways to convey a few different things [no, I won’t be more specific, click that red hot link and read for your own self all the things you can do – well, some of the things, and then I’m sure you’ll think of your own things instantly that I seemed to have neglected to mention and then instantly you’ll be a better writer than me – congrats, you’ve made it, pally!].

In short, opening panels are hugely important and you should read all of them, write yours more than once, plan ahead, and enjoy.

ymmv .03 – Casing the Joint

Over at Loser City, I’m flapping my gums about writing for practise because your first stuff is not up to the game.

I’m assuming you might have a script in your back pocket. Enjoy the feeling, then burn it. Maybe.

ymmv .02 – 2 [LINK]


Big question: how many scripts/pages did you write before cracking something worth pursuing?

NOTE: ymmv is an abbreviation for ‘your mileage may vary,’ which means an idea might be rad for me but won’t work for you. That’s pretty well the mystical truth behind any advice, knowing it when giving as well as receiving it is key.

Have a great day.

ymmv .02 – Knights of the Round Table

My column on comics process over at Loser City has successfully hit its second deadline and this time I’m talking about your Knights of the Round Table – those first reader peeps you trust to give feedback and ask questions and lead you int the brighter light of glory.

You have some Knights, right? I hope so, they are your best allies in this soul crushing campaign to bring comics to its knees in front of you.

So, yeah, here me bang on about being able to let go and ask for help, because it doesn’t mean you can’t do it, it’s actually call *gasp — choke* collaboration. Dig.

ymmv .02 – 2 [LINK]


I’d love to hear about your Knights, how you found them, what they do best for you.

NOTE: ymmv is an abbreviation for ‘your mileage may vary,’ which means an idea might be rad for me but won’t work for you. That’s pretty well the mystical truth behind any advice, knowing it when giving as well as receiving it is key.

Have a great day.

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